Dungeon Defenders 2 Review

Dungeon Defenders 2 was released on June 20th. I wanted to make this review much sooner, but unfortunately, I could not – major errors and issues with the game (on my end). Though many people are saying they are not having issues, thousands more are, including me. A little bit about Dungeon Defenders and Dungeon Defenders 2 first.

About DD

Dungeon Defenders is a tower defense game. I first played the original one a few years back when it was released. Honestly, I was just looking for something fun and non-stressful to play with my ex. I never was really into tower defense games, to be honest, but Dungeon Defenders completely changed my mind about that. It was a fun game that required some skill but not a lot, to be honest. The first game was released back in 2011 on Xbox 360 and at the time I thought, wow, nothing will ever be better than this! It was one of those games where you truly get caught up in playing it and 1 hour turns into 5 hours!

“Dungeon Defenders is a mix of tower defense, RPG, and high fantasy/action/adventure where one to four players work together to protect one or more Eternia Crystals from being destroyed by waves of enemies which include goblins, orcs, kobolds, ogres, and wyverns. The game features a number of levels, consisting of around five total waves, through its campaign mode, or other levels as part of challenges; some of these levels may feature a final wave that includes a boss battle against a unique foe. The player characters defend crystals by either magically creating, maintaining, and upgrading towers or other defensive elements that damage or divert the enemy monsters, or by using melee and ranged attacks to defeat enemies directly.”

Dungeon Defenders 2 is not much different from the first game in terms of what you have to accomplish – its still an RPG, action, tower defense game. What did change, however, was the graphics – way better than the 360 of course, the sheer amount of characters, features, options, weapons, and enemies available. This is next level gaming, to say the least.

Issues With Dungeon Defenders 2

Originally when I heard that Dungeon Defenders 2 was FINALLY coming to Xbox One I was incredibly happy. It was already released on PC for some time and I heard rumors that it was also going to be on the Playstation 4 but it was a paid game. On Xbox One it is free, however, there are paid editions and you have paid features in the game. Okay fine. I am totally okay with a free game with in-game purchases. It gives the publishers the ability to offer the game to everyone and possibly make more money with in-game purchases than just making the game itself paid. But, from all the free games I have played with in-game purchases, I have learned one hard lesson: The game is almost always going to have issues, at least in the first few months.

Take Dungeon Defenders 2 for example, it came out on June 20th and I wanted to play right then and there. I had already downloaded it, it was all ready, I jumped into the game fully expecting to play and… error. I tried all throughout the day, morning, afternoon during lunch, dinner time, even before bed. Couldn’t play one single game.

I woke up at 6 am EST on the 21st and voila, I was finally able to get into the lobby and try the game. Unfortunately, when I beat the first level and it was transporting me back to the tavern aka base camp, it froze. It froze about 10 times and I gave up.

I woke up the next day to try again. I mean I only got to play 1 game! It worked. I logged in, I played 2 games, I went back to the tavern and… I froze. Again! I closed it down, went to start it up again and kept receiving a 2003 error. After a lot of looking around, it seems that most everyone is getting either a 2003 or a 2004 error.

2003 Error: Server Request Limit Reached ie; too many damn people on the game at once haha and their servers can’t keep up with the sheer amount of people wanting to play!

2004 Error: I have no idea what this means. Apparently, in 2015, it happened for PC players but the developer never really said why people were getting it they just claimed it was fixed for PC players.

Yesterday night – LATE like 2 am EST I logged in and was able to play 8 games. I stopped playing not because of an error but because I was simply tired. If this keeps up and I have to play at 2 am in the morning when I should be sleeping, I’ll just end up not playing it altogether!

I get that its a free game and that it just came out a few days ago and they are still working out the kinks, but still.. its pretty frustrating and annoying. Plus, there are people who bought the paid editions:

Deluxe Edition Bundle
Give yourself a bigger kickstart into Dungeon Defenders II with the Deluxe Edition. This edition contains:
– 3,000 Gems to purchase Heroes, Tower Skins, Costumes and more
– 1,000,000 Gold for a quick boost in leveling your loot
– 2 Hero Cards to create and keep more heroes
– Five Campaign Shard Packs to gear up your heroes faster
– Five Chaos I Shard Packs to gear up faster in the Trials
– Legendary Autumeow Pet to make your enemies fall before you

The paid edition is $50. So yea if I paid $50 for a could-be free game I would be pissed too! Thankfully I just stuck with the free version for now. If I do upgrade it won’t be for months because I want to make sure I can actually play and not get 5000000 error codes or kicked off the game you “almost” completed.

Nonetheless, even though there are a lot of errors, its fun jumping back into a game you know so well. If you haven’t checked it out, I suggest you do – hopefully, you can actually play a game or two! Make sure you check out the tutorial, even if you are familiar with the game. I know I did because it had been years since I played the first one!

Overall Rating:  6.5 out of 10 Рmostly because of the errors!  Once they fix the errors I would gladly bump this up to an 8.5 out of 10.