2017 Game Releases – Over 50 Games!!!

For those of you that are always complaining that not enough games get released per year – you can officially stop saying that, especially this year!  We have a ton of games coming out in 2017.  So far 52 games have been announced to be released in 2017 alone.  I would like to do this on a per month basis, but since I want everyone to be aware of pre-order dates I will be doing ALL the months in the next week.

As per always, to find a game on Gamers Elite, simply use the search function for a specific word or title and press search to find that specific game.  Alternatively, you can also go to the Pre-Order Page and look for games there.

A lot of these games are games on my own pre-ordered lists and then, of course, there are some games I really wanted like Agents Of Mayhem that I am just going to have to wait for further down the line.  I’m not too worried though; I think I will be pretty busy with COD WW2, Need For Speed, Destiny 2, Zombie Chronicles, Crackdown 3, Dungeon Defenders, and The Crew 2 – coming out in 2018!

Be on the look out for the first post later on Today, starting with ARK: Survival Evolved (coming in 8/8).