Friday The 13th Sell Over 1.8 Million Copies

Friday The 13th just came out 2 months ago, and even though its had some issues, has sold over 1.8 million copies! The original launch of the game saw numerous issues unfortunately, but Illfonic has been working really hard to get those issues fixed. In fact, most all of the issues are now fixed with an update patch that they put out last week.

The Team at Illfonic’s and Gun Media are working together to create better and more content for the game. The Studio Head, Wes Keltner noted that while the game has had a lot of issues, both teams were working diligently to fix them. “the team has grown immensely over the past 2 months and we are more committed to adding more content and add more things to do in the game.”

“From the most storied franchise in slasher history comes Friday the 13th: The Game, a love-letter to a date synonymous with horror. Players will get to live out the movies as they take on the role of Jason Voorhees for the very first time in gaming history! Playing as either Jason or a Camp Counselor, gamers will witness the rampaging madness of a cold-blooded killer as he stalks his way through Camp Crystal Lake. The game is a faithful tribute to the franchise, all the way down to the tiniest detail. Whether it’s one of the many iconic film locations that have been chosen for the game, or the various Jason Voorhees models themselves, fans can rest assured that everything in Friday the 13th: The Game has been painstakingly recreated with accuracy in mind. This is truly the love letter Friday the 13th fans have waited more than 30 years for. ”

If you’ve ever seen Friday The 13th the movies you might be interested to know that the Multiplayer is considered Reel 4 of the movie while Single Player is considered Reel 1 of the movie.

So far Friday The 13th is ONLY available via digital edition. However, they will be putting out a physical version of the game on October 13th – yes, Friday the 13th!

The game will be available for $40 for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 version. In addition to the game you will also be receiving clothing packs for the Counselors in the game and a Bloody Jason Skin. So if you have not already purchased the game because it is a digital game and wanted the physical edition, just wait a few months!

In the meantime, you can pre-order the physical edition. I included two of the links below, one for Xbox One and one for PlayStation 4.

Friday The 13th: The Game – PlayStation 4 Edition
Friday The 13th: The Game – Xbox One Edition

1v7 Multiplayer: With maps spanning multiple iconic locations from the movie franchise; play online as either Jason Voorhees or a Camp Counselor trying to survive the night. The choice is yours!

Killer Variety: Play as various incarnations of Jason Voorhees as depicted in the films. Each Jason has been hand-crafted with specific Strengths, Weaknesses, and exclusive brutal kills!

Authentic to the Franchise: The game draws expertise from horror icons including Sean S. Cunningham, Tom Savini, composer Harry Manfredini and Kane Hodder.

Unlock and Customize: Level up and unlock new playable Counselors or Jason models; spend hard-earned customization points on new kills for Jason or game-changing Perks for your Camp Counselors.

Retail Disc Exclusive DLC: Exclusive free Bloody Jason Skin for all playable Jason’s and free pack of clothing for each of the playable camp counselors.