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If you were looking for some additional Xbox One Exclusive Games to add to your list, Cuphead is another one to consider. We first saw this back at E3 2014, and re-shown at E3 2016, but it was re-shown at E3 in 2017 as well. The “artistic” style of the game is based off of 1930s cartoons. It wont be a game that everyone will like, but I can guarantee you that its a game unlike you have ever played or seen before – its quite different than anything else out there right now.

Summary: This is a run and gun game. As the titular Cup-head, the player loses a bet with the devil and spends the game attempting to repay the bet. The game features a branching level sequence and is based around continuous boss fights. He has infinite lives and keeps weapons between deaths. Cuphead has a parry ability and parrying various color coded objects will fill up a special meter that will enable Cup-head to perform a special move. The levels are accessible through an action RPG-style over-world with its own secret areas. The game has a two-player cooperative mode that adds another human player to the single-player boss battles playing as Mug-man.

Release Of Cuphead: As mentioned above, this is on the Xbox One Exclusive Games list. This one will be released in a few months on September 29, 2017 and it will be available on this date, worldwide.



Pre Order Information For Cuphead

Cuphead – Xbox One/Windows 10 [Digital Code]