This website will be all about news regarding games and gaming, HONEST reviews for digital games, and console accessories.  A lot of the reviews and products on this website will be from the past 1-2 years, but I might put some older stuff up if its relevant ie; remastered editions, new DLC, new patches, etc.  All of the news, however, will be pretty recent!  I also would like to do an Amazon Digital Deals Week dedicated to Digital Games.  You can get 70% or more off select games which is always a good thing!

About Me:

My name is Kristi and I love video games.  I first started back when I was 6 or 7 years old and my mom bought me the NES!  I have had just about every console, but I now own an Xbox One (which I love!). I tend to choose more FPS and driving games than any other games, but I’ll play just about anything that is fun or interests me.  My favorite titles are:  Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, COD, Battlefield, Need For Speed and of course Forza Horizon!  I am also an Author.  One of my favorite books I write and have a lot of fun doing, is a military style book called The Warfighters Series.

Gamers Elite is owned and managed by one person; Me.  I am not some huge conglomerate company that makes millions of dollars a year.  So if you want to support a fellow gamer or an independent, I would appreciate it if you would support this website by any means.  But, if you would like to donate, I would definitely appreciate it!  Otherwise, just keep reading the articles, clicking the links and of course, purchasing the items on Gamers Elite!


P.S  if you have Xbox One, go ahead and add me if you want!  xTheWarfighters  You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, True Achievements, etc.


The Humble Partner Program Link

Previously I wrote about joining the Humble Partner Program – you can read that post here.  I am posting the general links here in hopes that you can find them easily and quickly if you decide to purchase something on Humble, so that you can donate to the charity I chose.

Here are some of the main links to their website:

General Links:

Humble Bundle
Humble Monthly
Humble Comics
Humble Staff Picks
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