Fighter’s History Dynamite, also titled Karnov’s Revenge in certain markets, was released for the arcades March 17, 1994. Due to change of hardware to SNK’s MVS platform, the control configuration was reduced from six attack buttons to just four (only light and heavy attacks are available this time).

Likewise, KARNOV’S REVENGE was released for the Neo Geo home console, as well as the Neo Geo CD, on April 28, 1994.

“The “Great Grapple” was a tournament hosted by a mysterious unseen warrior known as “K”. Having suffered defeat a year ago, K, burned by the flames of disgrace, has invited numerous martial artists from around the world once again. The nine participants from the previous tournament have trained themselves over the course of the past year, acquiring magnificent new special techniques, as they’re joined by two new challengers who also seek to challenge the mysterious warrior K. The stage is set, as a burning battle is about to begin…”

If you like old school fighting games like the old Street Fighter games, you will probably love KARNOV’S REVENGE.  While there are not a ton of achievements, the gamerscore for each one is pretty dang high.

There are 12 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret for KARNOV’S REVENGE.

Name Description Gamerscore
Record score The score has been posted to the online rankings. 80
Score 500,000 points The score won 500,000 points. 80
Score 300,000 points The score won 300,000 points. 80
Score 100,000 points The score won 100,000 points. 80
CARAVAN MODE 120,000 points CARAVAN MODE 120,000 points. 100
CARAVAN MODE 80,000 points CARAVAN MODE 80,000 points. 80
CARAVAN MODE 40,000 points CARAVAN MODE 40,000 points. 80
HI SCORE Player The score has been posted to the online rankings in the “HI SCORE MODE”. 80
Mark high score High score has been updated. 80
HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points. 100
HI SCORE MODE 150,000 points HI SCORE MODE 150,000 points. 80
HI SCORE MODE 100,000 points HI SCORE MODE 100,000 points. 80