Annoying Ads On The PS4 Homepage?

I do not personally have a PS4, though I do know of many people that own one.  Whether they be friends or family, I do pay attention to certain issues they have.  One of the issues some people have been running into is right smack dab on their PS4 homepage. The issue is that an ad for Destiny 2 keeps popping up right on their homepage.  If you don’t have Destiny 2 I would suggest checking it out, but I promise I won’t throw a big ad in your face, just a subtle link!

The ad only shows up if you do not own the game, but what the heck man?

We also have these annoying ads on Xbox One as well, though they tend to be more “out of the way” than this annoying Destiny 2 ad which is literally right in eyes view.

Its kind of sad if you think about it. We buy this big expensive console and then have ads popping up all over the place so they can make even more money.

While you can remove this ad by clicking it off, it won’t stop future ads from popping up after that.

If you turn on your PS4 and find that you too have this issue, its really not a huge deal, I have a workaround below you can try out in order to remove that ad.

Here’s an easy way to stop that from happening:

1) On your home screen, select “Settings”

2) Select “System”

3) Select “Automatic Downloads”

4) Uncheck “Featured Content”

Chances are if you’ve had your PS4 for a while now you might already know this trick. But, if you just got it for, oh I don’t know, CHRISTMAS, you might have had the ad issue and thought it was permeant. Well, now you know there is a fix and now you can tell your friends about how to fix it too.