Assassin’s Creed Origins Pre-Order Info

We got to see a little bit of Assassin’s Creed Origins at the Microsoft Press Conference but they actually played an Alpha Game Play sequence in the Ubisoft Press Conference. The game, as always, looks really good. Its quite a different game though considering they are in Egypt. I really think that this was a hook, line, and sinker for a lot of people (including me). I mean HELLO! Its Egypt! Full of history and wonder.
I am not one of those people that have every single game and knows the entire story of AC through and through. I do enjoy the game though and would consider getting this down the line and putting my time and money into it AFTER I play my other games.

This one is going to be available on Xbox One, PS4 and of course PC. It will be available to play on October 24th. This one has a few different editions which is really nice.

Here are all the options available – and its quite a lot! I have only seen a few of these available though, so they might say that so and so the version is available but if its limited quantities, they might not even bother putting it on all the different game websites.

Standard Edition:  Just the game of course.  But if you pre-order you still get a bonus mission even on the standard edition.

Deluxe Edition: Includes the Ambush at Sea naval mission and the Desert Cobra Pack, which features the Eye of Apep staff, the Legendary Snake Shield, the Desert Cobra Outfit, the Fangs Horse Companion, the Fang Sickle Sword, and three ability points.

Gold Edition: Includes the Deluxe Edition content and the Season Pass.

Gold Steelbook Edition: Physical only and includes the Deluxe Edition Content, the Season Pass, and a Steelbook case. This is not available for PC.

Gods Collector’s Edition: Physical only and includes an art book, a copy of the game’s soundtrack, a 10-inch figurine of the game’s main character Bayek, a physical copy of the game’s map, and the Deluxe Edition content. This is not available for PC.

Dawn Of The Creed Legendary Edition: This one is UBER limited, there are only 999 being produced lol. But that’s okay because Ubi will make more money from the $800 price tag!!! Yea, I was serious. $800 guys.

Dawn Of The Creed Collectors Edition: The Dawn of the Creed Collector’s Edition (not to be confused with the Dawn of the Creed Legendary Edition), costs $160, and includes everything in the Gold Steelbook edition in addition to a 15-inch Bayek statuette.

Yep. That’s a total of SIX different versions. They go from the usual $60 to the top $800 for the Legendary Edition above. Surely there is something for everyone in this list! As they become available, come back to gamers elite for more information. But as of right now the ones I linked above are the ones that I found online.

There is also a separate season pass which can be purchased as well.