Attention Sneakerheads: Nike Playstation Themed Shoes!

Nike has announced that they will be making a new pair of Nike Playstation shoes that are centered around Paul George and the PlayStation 2. Even if you don’t like Paul George, you have to appreciate the sentiment behind the shoe and the shoe itself.  Plus, these are pretty cool looking, ultra-comfortable, and they have some nice features available if you plan on wearing them.

Paul George said that he has very fond memories of asking for a PS2 from his dad for Christmas.

“I’d been dropping hints left and right because I knew that was it. That was the next big thing,” he wrote. His passion for PlayStation was rivaled by his desire to someday have his own Nike sneakers. “I’d make sketches of what I wanted my Nike shoes to look like,” he said.

The Nike Playstation shoes called the PG-2’s will be available for a very limited time on February 10th. The shoes feature Playstation color accents – and they even light up. But, don’t get it twisted, this is not a pair of shoes that is produced to just sit on your shelf, these are basketball ready Nike Playstation shoes that can and should be worn – unless of course, you’re a true sneakerhead and just want to collect them for show!

The Nike Playstation shoe features a host of PlayStation-specific nods, including a light-up tongue and more. “We worked directly with the PlayStation team on every aspect of this shoe. One thing that they provided, which was really cool, was the starry graphic from the dynamic theme that will be available for your PlayStation 4 with a code from the shoe. It’s a beautiful graphic, so we made it the sock liner.”

“We increased the size of the forefoot Zoom Air unit to 10 millimeters. And, he’s standing right on top of it now, whereas in the PG1 there was a little bit of foam between the unit and the foot. So all the way to the ground he’s got that full Zoom Bag and that really gives him propulsion in the forefoot.”

Images of the Nike Playstation shoes:

According to the Nike announcement, the shoes will be available for $110.