The Best Indie Games 2017

I won’t pretend to know anyone else’s reasoning behind liking, buying and playing Indie games. But, here are a few of MY own reasons.

– They tend to be cheaper than big publisher games, YAY
– They tend to be more creative or more original
– They usually have some solid gameplay and very rarely have the same release issues that BIG gaming companies have

And they are fun! I didn’t include that in my reasoning because any game can be fun. It doesn’t matter if its some Indie game or some AAA publishing company.

Nonetheless, Indie games have become more and more popular over the past 3 years. Some of the reasoning behind that is the reasons I listed above, but everyone, I am sure has other reasons behind it as well.

If you like Indie games and you want to keep up with all the Indie games in 2017, continue to read the post below! There are quite a lot, so try to keep up!

Studio MDHR
Xbox One PC

This is one of the games we saw at E3 last year. Its one of those games that when I originally saw it I was like “what the hell is that” haha. But, the more videos I watch and the more I get to know the game, the more interesting it becomes. Originally this game was meant to be a side scrolling game but it eventually developed into a platformer. If you watch the video below you’ll notice it has a somewhat aged-Disney look to it, and for good reason, that’s the point!

Playtonic Games
PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch

Yooka-Laylee was developed by Playtonic Games, a group of several former key personnel from Rare during the Nintendo 64 era, as a spiritual successor to their game series Banjo-Kazooie and other works. Among them, Banjo-Kazooie staff Chris Sutherland, Steve Mayles, Steven Hurst, and Grant Kirkhope reprised their respective roles. Similar to the title of Banjo-Kazooie being a play on the banjo and kazoo musical instruments, the title of Yooka-Laylee is a play on the ukulele. You can purchase Yooka-Laylee here:

Xbox One 

Tequila Works
PS4, Xbox One, Switch

This is an open world game. It was originally rejected by Microsoft, only to be then picked up by Sony. The story follows a young boy as he attempts to try and follow the islands mysteries and also escape a curse. If this seems a little juvenile as of right now, its important to remember who Tequila Works is – they worked on Deadlight, one of the best selling games about the zombie apocalypse which was a really fun, exciting and suspenseful game. Don’t count this game out just yet. It was recently released and has had some hiccups, but I believe these issues will be fixed sooner rather than later. You can purchase Rime here:

Xbox One 

Supergiant Games
PC and PS4

You might remember Supergiant Games from the other 2 acclaimed games that they developed; Bastion and Transistor. This game is a combination of fantasy, traveling, and suspense all wrapped up into one game. The art style is what really caught my eye, its not the same old same old art that every other game has, its something very different!


Dungeon Defenders 2
Trendy Entertainment
Xbox One, PS4, PC

Dungeon Defenders, as I mentioned in another blog, is one of those games I have really loved in the past. When Trendy Entertainment stated that they would be introducing Dungeon Defenders 2 to us, I was beyond stoked. “Dungeon Defenders is a mix of tower defense, RPG, and high fantasy/action/adventure where one to four players work together to protect one or more Eternia Crystals from being destroyed by waves of enemies which include goblins, orcs, kobolds, ogres, and wyverns. The game features a number of levels, consisting of around five total waves, through its campaign mode, or other levels as part of challenges; some of these levels may feature a final wave that includes a boss battle against a unique foe. The player characters defend crystals by either magically creating, maintaining, and upgrading towers or other defensive elements that damage or divert the enemy monsters, or by using melee and ranged attacks to defeat enemies directly.”

I am really excited about this game AND its coming in June! If no one hears from or sees me after June 20th, my apologies, I got sucked into DD2 lol.

Since Dungeon Defenders is still not showing up on any gaming stores I think its safe to assume I was right in saying this would only be available via your PC and console stores. Ah well. Thankfully its not THAT big of a game so it won’t take up too much room (I hope!).