Best Music Apps To Use On Xbox One

I remember being on Xbox 360 and Microsoft supposedly would allow you to use the Windows Media Player app to play music in the background. The only problem was that it worked for some people and for others, such as myself, it did not work. I always thought it was kind of odd not allowing us to listen to music on our 360s while playing games. While I don’t ALWAYS like to listen to music while playing, specifically while playing FPS, I do like to listen to music while playing more relaxed games.

These days, you have a whole slew of music apps to use on Xbox One. One of the reasons I think its good that they have multiple options is because each app offers different music, features, you might already have a membership with one and want to transfer it over to Xbox, etc. But, another reason is the interface. Once you get used to an interface you don’t want to have to re-learn another interface all over again.

While there are quite a few options available, I will be talking about the best music apps to use on Xbox One, one of which I personally use and love!


Spotify was actually just recently put on Xbox One. I think they probably were going to wait for a little while to add the app, but Major Nelson actually had a video of something and it showed the Spotify app in the background. He did it on accident! But we actually benefited from it because they put it out a day after that happened because people were swarming Twitter and Facebook asking about it.

Spotify is one of the best music apps to use on Xbox One, however, there are ads if you are a free member. Also, spotify can be a little confusing for those of you that have not used it. I have had an account for a few years (free), but if I don’t visit it enough I forget how everything works. There can be a small learning curve with the app.

If you like Spotify and you want to be a paid member you can do so below.

Spotify Gift Card – 3 months

Since Spotify IS $9.99 a month, this is a 3 month card!


If you want another option in terms of the best music apps to use on Xbox One, Pandora is it. Yet another music app that requires you to pay a membership or be a free member. When you are a free member you will get ads – in fact, its just safe to assume that all of these apps require a membership to get rid of the ads. Pandora is another one I have used on and off over the years. There is no learning curve with Pandora. Its got a really simple interface, you can add your own music to it, create your own stations and more.

Pandora has 2 paid options; Plus and Premium.

Plus: $4.99 a month:
30 days free
Personalized radio with no ads.
Unlimited personalized stations
Up to 4 stations for offline listening
Unlimited skips and replays
Higher quality audio
Listen with no ads

Premium: $9.99 a month:
60 days free
Search and play any song
Create playlists — on your own or powered by Pandora
Download the music you want for offline listening
Unlimited skips and replays
Higher quality audio
Listen with no ads

Groove Music

This is by far and wide my favorite. I have used, listened to, and bought more upgraded packs for Groove than any other music site. I just really like it. You can wonder around and easily find music you like by genre, mood, time of day, activities, etc. They have everything you could or would ever need to listen to. You can also make your own playlists using songs on the app OR make your own playlists using your imported music. The interface is super simple and clean, very easy to use.

Now once upon a time I used Spotify quite a bit, but then I bought Forza Horizon 3 back in September 27, 2016. If you’ve played FH3 you know that you can listen to the radio – channels they have set ORRRR you can add in your Groove Music pass and make playlists through the app and then have them play on your Groove app in the game. No other apps were allowed at the time, but Groove so I decided early on I was going to stay with Groove because of the game and then it just grew on me.

I would definitely say this is one of the best music apps to use on Xbox One. I just love it!

When you purchase via Groove music app, you pay through Xbox/Microsoft, since they own it! So you just need to use your credit card – no gift card needed, or you can buy an Xbox gift card and use that. I tend to buy 3 months at a time and I use the heck out of the app, so I’m never sitting there wondering if I am getting my fill or not.

Groove is also $9.99 a month.

But in the end it really depends on you. It seems like a lot of high school and college kids use Spotify. On the other hand, a lot of businesses use Pandora – my Dentist for example, ALWAYS has Pandora on all the screens in all the rooms lol. Groove, unfortunately, is not known by as many people… yet. But I can assure you that in the next year or so Groove will be popping up everywhere. Not that it really matters too much. Its just an app to play music on. It wont like change your social status! They all cost about the same amount so it has nothing to do with the cost. It just depends on what you like, what features you want, and how easy you want it to be to listen to music ie; how long it takes to open the app, find what you need, and press play!

ALL of these can be used on Xbox One. For Groove I have an app on my Xbox One, Laptop and Phone!