Best PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games You Should Play Right Now

Cross Platform play is becoming more and more popular these days. Nonetheless, companies like Sony and Microsoft are still trying to introduce exclusive games that you can ONLY play on their specific consoles. Sony has it a little easier, I think, to create these PlayStation 4 exclusive games because they will almost always be “successful” in terms of income and sales, because (and I hate to admit it!) there are more Sony players out there than Xbox Players. If you are still looking for some really good PlayStation 4 exclusive games to play on your PS4, this is the blog for you. Below you will find an updated list of games available for the PS4 and nowhere else. By the way, you will not find, at this time, any ported games on this list. It will not, however, be updated. So if a game is only on PS4 now, but it comes ported down the line, this PlayStation 4 exclusive games list won’t change.

The Order: 1886

I tried to figure out, honestly, if I should include this in the PlayStation 4 exclusive games list. On one hand, the graphics and gameplay was fantastic. I saw this demo-ing in one of the stores I was in at the time of the demo release. It looked incredible, and honestly, I thought about getting a PS4 at the time because it was supposed to be a really good game. But, as you know, with games, its about more than just graphics and story. The game and I know most people would agree, has to be medium to long in terms of the time it takes to finish and it has to have some playability. No one wants to buy a $60 game just to play it once and that’s it. Unfortunately, while the story and graphics were ultra-good, the store was also super short. Most people are quoted in saying you can finish the ENTIRE game 2-3 times in one day! Phew. That’s nuts! In terms of the story-length, this is mediocre at best. Still, if you want to try the game that was supposed to bring console gaming to the next level, this might be a good one to try, especially considering its so cheap these days. Depending on whether you go physical (less than $25) or you go digital (less than $20), this should be one of the PlayStation 4 exclusive games you look into. Just don’t go into it full-bore!

The Order: 1886 РPlayStation 4 Standard 
The Order: 1886 РPS4 [Digital Code] 

There’s also a soundtrack for the game – CD, streaming and MP3

Infamous First Light

This game is actually a standalone, but it was in relation to the Infamous Second Son game. While a lot of people really loved infamous Second Son, sony thought it would be ideal to also release Infamous First light and to obvously add it to the playstation 4 exclusive games list. In First Light its very much like the first game – you have a very likeable main character, which is the herione, and the game borrows from the same basic template as Second Son. However, you have less powers and you only use Fetch’s super powers, no one elses. As a spin off is considered, which is also less money than a regular game (usually), this one is actually pretty nice in terms of lemgth of play – its around 6-8 hours to finish. There are also a ton of trophysto hunt down. If you are a fan of the Infamous Series, then Infamous First Light should definitely be added to your games list.

inFamous First Light – PS4 (Physical Version)
inFAMOUS First Light – PS4 [Digital Code] (digital is way cheaper!)
Killzone Shadow Fall

Another game I was super excited about even though I didnt have a Playstation! A fraction of people say that while this game is super fun its also pretty forgettable. In fact, while doing some research on sales numbers and favporites from Playstation 4 consumers, there was a lot of “OH! I forgot about that game!” But nonethrless, they all admit its a really good game. Its also 3rd on the list of the highest selling Playstation 4 video games list! Killzone Shadow Fall made 2.1 million dollars. In terms of FPS and playstation 4 exclusive games I had to add this one to the list!

Killzone: Shadow Fall (PlayStation 4)
Killzone Shadow Fall – PS4 [Digital Code] (super cheap! Under $8)
Killzone Shadow Fall: Season Pass – PS4 [Digital Code]
Killzone Shadowfall (From “Killzone Shadowfall”) (Instrumental)
Infamous Second Son

This game was so hyped up! It was supposed to be THE game for the Playstation 4 and one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusive games. If you can look past the annoying character, Delsin Rowe, you will find that this is a really good game and is essential for any PlayStation 4 exclusive games list. Not only was this game good in the graphics department, but the actual handling of the game was amazing as well. if you’re looking for an open world game that is smooth-playing and offers some good storylines, Second Son is undoubtedly the game for you. Not to mention the fact that it came out 3 years ago – the price is exceptional.

inFAMOUS: Second Son Standard Edition (PlayStation 4)
inFAMOUS Second Son – PS4 [Digital Code]
inFAMOUS: Second Son Limited Edition (PlayStation 4)
inFAMOUS: Second Son Collector’s Edition – PlayStation 4
The Last Guardian

While writing this list of PlayStation 4 exclusive games I started to realize that while I love my Xbox, there are a LOT of Playstation 4 games I really love. I either saw them at E3 and was interested, or I played Demos on friends consoles or I just liked the trailers. The last Guardian is also on the list of the games that I really wanted! The Last Guardian is an action-adventure video game developed by SIE Japan Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 in December 2016. In The Last Guardian, players control a boy who befriends a giant half-bird-half-mammal creature, Trico. Not only was this another really good looking and fun looking game, but everyone that got to play it before release or after clearly thought that it was a good game as well – across the board it received rave reviews; Meta Critic gave it an 82 out of 100, Edge, Gamespot and VideoGamer all gave it 9 out of 10 stars. The only one that really rated it low was Polygon at a 7.5 out of 10. In turn, if I ever get a PS4, this is probably one of the first of 10 games I will buy!

The Last Guardian – PS4 Digital Code
The Last Guardian – Collector’s Edition – PlayStation 4
The Last Guardian: An Extraordinary Story Hardcover
The Last Guardian Game, Steelbook & Digital Soundtrack
Until Dawn

If you like horror games and you want one with a good script, great gameplay, and one that will at times have you on the edge of your seat – Until Dawn is one to consider. There are some naysayers out there, but I don’t listen to them much! “Set in Western Canada, Until Dawn centers around a group of eight teenagers who decide to vacation for a night in a cabin on the fictional Blackwood Mountain, exactly one year after the disappearance of two girls, the twin sisters of a member of their group. Shortly after arriving, the gang find themselves under attack by a psychopath and must attempt to survive until sunrise. Throughout the adventure, players alternate between all eight characters, making critical decisions as the story advances which drastically affect the game’s outcome, leading to hundreds of different scenarios.”

Until Dawn – PlayStation 4
Until Dawn (PS4)
So what did you think about this list of the best PlayStation 4 exclusive games to play? Are there any other ones you would add to the list? Or for that matter, remove? Let me know in the comments!