The Best Portable Gaming Consoles Part 1

A few years ago, portable gaming consoles were incredibly popular and there were quite a few different options available. Then, it sort of just went stagnant. Now though, once again there are portable gaming consoles popping up all over the place. But, with all these options available, how do you know which portable gaming consoles are good and which ones are not? It starts with the brand, in my opinion. If you have a brand that is well known, chances are they will have a better system. Here are just a few of my favorites that also happen to be highly rated.

Hyperkin SupaBoy S, Portable Pocket SNES Console

It should already be pretty obvious from reading past articles on Gamers Elite that I LIKE Hyperkin as a company and I think they come up with some really great ideas for systems. And no, they are not a sponsor, I don’t get paid to say that (I wish I did!), but I just genuinely think this is a very ingenious company. They know that consoles are coming back in a big way so in late 2016 they decided to get into the portable gaming consoles arena. This one is nothing special in terms of looks. In fact, it’s kinda ugly! Sorry! But, it does come with some cool features:

“The handheld Hyperkin SupaBoy S will play original SNES (NTSC AND PAL) and SFC cartridges on a built-in 4.3 inch LCD screen. It includes a D-pad and face buttons, as well as right and left shoulder buttons. The SupaBoy S also includes two front-loading ports that are compatible with full-size SNES-compatible controllers and an AV out. It allows up to two players to play the SupaBoy S on a regular TV screen.”

If you like SNES games, this is definitely a console you should consider – and it’s under $90 right now because it’s on sale for 11% off!

Sega Genesis Arcade Ultimate Portable 2016

This one has 80 built in games that range from Mortal Kombat to Sonic to Fatal Labyrinth. The cool thing about this portable gaming console is that while it does come with games you also have an SD card option which allows you to download games from the SEGA store, put them on your card and in turn play them on the system. This one seems quite chunky in terms of the style and design but people still seem to really like it and I love Sega Games hence why it’s on the portable gaming consoles list!

Atgames Atari Flashback Ultimate Portable Game Player with 60 Built-in Games

There is actually a new Atari console coming out so that’s probably why this portable gaming console is so popular. Ill talk more about the Atari Console on Gamers Elite a little later! The Portable Gaming console is really neat though, especially if you’re from that era and you had an Atari you played as a young kid. It includes 60 built in games; Frogger, Missile Command, Asteroids, Combat 2, and more. Size dimensions include: Built-in high resolution 3.2″ display. The handheld measures approximately 5.5 inches across, 2.5 inches high, and about three-quarters of an inch deep. As you can see from the image; you CAN play on the actual portable console, however, you can also hook it up to your TV and use the console as a controller – neat little feature!

One of my issues about portable systems is that while they are cool and useful if you are stuck someplace like the bus, the airport, the doctor’s office, etc they give you the ability to play. But if I’m at home, I want to play on my 55-inch screen not some little piddly screen. This gives you the ability to do both!