Best Sellers List – Video Game Accessories

Its another installment of the Best Sellers List, this time coming to you with Video Game Accessories. As per usual, the list includes all sorts of accessories for different consoles. But these are the top Video Game Accessories that are available right now and they are on the best sellers list because, obviously, they are the best sellers for this week.

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch 2017 (2-Pack)
Video Game Accessories

amFilm Premium GLASS Protectors are the latest in state-of-the-art screen protection technology. Highly durable and scratch resistant/chip resistant, this strong 9H (hardness level) protector will give your Switch the best protection against drops, bumps, scratches and normal wear and tear. Get all the protection without any bulk – amFilm Glass protectors are a mere .33mm thin making them ultra-lightweight to allow for a ‘delicate touch’ style screen protector that promises not to interfere with the sensitivity of your touchscreen.

To top it all off the amFilm GLASS protectors are designed to be 99.99% transparent to promote an optimal, natural, crystal clear viewing experience. Backed by our Easy To Install Promise – simply align the protector with your device and a simple swipe of your finger adheres the protector to your screen.

AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable, 6 Feet, 1-Pack
Video Game Accessories

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) has become the norm for HD digital devices. It combines audio and video into one convenient cable. The AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable quickly connects a wide range of HDMI devices.

Use it to connect a small mobile, home-entertainment, or gaming device to a big-screen HDTV, large projector, or computer monitor, for example. With the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable, enjoy reliable performance and superior playback.

Orzly Carry Case Compatible With Nintendo Switch
Video Game Accessories

The main bottom section of this case fits the Nintendo Switch tablet with both its Joy-Con controllers attached to it, and the upper section features a separate inner pocket which can fit extra JoyCons, Cables, Games, and other smaller but essential accessories.

(Please note this cannot accommodate larger items like the dock or pro-controllers).


Video Game Accessories

High-grade wearable TPE, soft texture, delicate and comfortable touch, it has an elegant appearance. Earmuffs used with the new second-generation skin-friendly material, reduce heat sweat, more suitable for long wear.

Plug and play, 3.5mm plugs for mic and headset + USB plug for lights, more fully guarantee the stability of the sound.

Nintendo Joy-Con (L/R) – Neon Red/Neon Blue
Video Game Accessories

Introducing Joy-Con, controllers that make new kinds of gaming possible, for use with Nintendo Switch. The versatile Joy-Con offer multiple surprising new ways for players to have fun. Two Joy-Con can be used independently in each hand, or together as one game controller when attached to the Joy-Con grip.

They can also attach to the main console for use in handheld mode, or be shared with friends to enjoy two-player action in supported games. Each Joy-Con has a full set of buttons and can act as a standalone controller, and each includes an accelerometer and gyro-sensor, making an independent left and right motion control possible.

AmazonBasics Dual Charging Station for Xbox One
Video Game Accessories

Charge one controller or two controllers at the same time with the AmazonBasics Xbox One Dual Charging Station.

With a charging time of 2.2 hours, the charging station quickly gets you back in the game. Simply push down the charging dock to “lock in” for charging.

Logitech 981-000536 G430
Video Game Accessories

Powered by advanced Dolby technology, these 7.1 surround sound headphones position you in the center of an immersive 360-degree sound field. They let you hear every detail in every direction, just as the game developer intended.

Enemy fire. Sirens. Your opponent’s footsteps. When you hear what you can’t see, you win.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock
Video Game Accessories

The Joy-Con Charging Dock is one of the easiest solutions for charging your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers and keeping track of them. Charge up to 4 Joy-Cons at a time or keep an extra pair to switch out.

Simply slide the Joy-Con Controllers down and wait until each LED changes from red to green.

Fosmon Xbox One / One X / One S Controller Charger
Video Game Accessories

Fosmon’s dual conductive charging station for Xbox One Controllers replaces your Xbox One Controller’s battery housing, turning them into rechargeable battery packs. Simply plug the base into an open USB slot on the Xbox One, or into a USB charger.

Fosmon’s Xbox One controller charging station will fully charge your controller for 4-5 hours and provide up to 30-33 hours of play time is achieved on the 1000mAh NiMH battery packs. They are built to last, with a lifespan of over 1,000 charge cycles.

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit Microsoft
Video Game Accessories

Keep the action going with the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit. Recharge while you play or afterward, even when your Xbox is in standby. The long-lasting rechargeable battery fully charges in under 4 hours.*

Say goodbye to disposable batteries and having to swap them out in the middle of a game.