Best Sellers in PC Virtual Reality

PC Virtual Reality just started to become really popular over the past 3 or 4 years. Because of this more and more game developers and gaming and tech companies are starting to make more products for virtual reality. While a lot of games are starting to do virtual reality on consoles, I think one of the better options (honestly) is PC Virtual Reality. This tends to be where you will find the most realistic experiences and also the best products to purchase. Because of how popular PC Virtual Reality is becoming I wanted to go ahead and do a Best Sellers in PC Virtual Reality. These might be accessories, cameras, controllers or even headsets. But as of right now they are the best selling and usually the highest rated products available for PC virtual reality.

Oculus Touch 

Oculus Touch is a pair of tracked controllers that give you “hand presence” – the feeling that your virtual hands are actually your own. It takes interaction to the next level. Touch enables natural hand presence, requiring little thought about how to use your virtual hands or what to do with them. Think of it as a set of human hands in the virtual world. Touch lets you manipulate all kinds of objects in the virtual space with precision. Pick up toys, drop blocks, throw firecrackers and fire laser guns – all with intuitive, natural hand movement. By capturing nuances of human expression, Touch enables gestures like pointing, waving, and giving a thumbs-up. It unlocks a social element that’s never been experienced in VR before. This one was released in 2016 and it has a 4.8 out of 5 stars – pretty damn good!

HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System 

Vive is built from the ground up for room-scale VR, which allows you to physically move around objects in the virtual space. Enjoy hundred of games for SteamVR, plus everything you love about Steam in VR. An adjustable headset and multiple eye relief adjustments, including lens distance and IPD, make Vive comfortable and clear. Wireless controllers designed just for VR make for natural and intuitive interactions. SteamVR Tracking provides a superior experience whether you play seated, standing or in a room-scale space. This one was also released in 2016, and overall its been rated a 4.4 out of 5 stars for PC Virtual Reality. According to a few buyers when you buy this one it does come with a few different games but no one really says what games it comes with!

GameSir G3s Bluetooth Wireless Controller for Android Smartphone Tablet VR PC TV BOX – PS3 

GameSir G3s, Enhanced Edition, the third generation of GameSir, compatible with four platforms of iOS 6.0/Android 4.0 or later, Windows and PS3 via three main connections of 2.4GHz/Bluetooth 4.0/wired, with dual vibration motor, every hit, crash, and explosion in games can be vividly felt. GameSir G3s adopts 32-bit MCU chip, computation capability is up to 48 million times per second, along with Realtek Bluetooth 4.0 technology and module of 2.4GHz, G3s features high sensitivity and accuracy in game control. This one has gotten a lot of mixed reviews – some day its amazing while others say its not necessarily bad but not necessarily good. On Amazon, for instance, it has a 4.0 out of 5 stars, but almost 1000 reviews. I like it, honestly, because it looks cool, it works with Android, Windows, AND PS3. Plus, lets be honest, for a controller its super cheap.

Hyperkin GelShell Controller Silicone Skin for HTC Vive (Gray) (2-Pack) 

I had actually never heard of HyperKin until I first wrote about them a few months ago and their Mini Nintendo system they were releasing (you can read about that here!) Be protected inside and outside of your virtual world with Hyperkin’s GelShell Wand Silicone Skin for HTC Vive. It specializes in protecting your wand from fall damage while allowing clear sensor functionality. GelShell Wand Silicone Skin feels great in your hand and provides a comfortable grip. This one also comes in different colors like gray, red, black and blue – look around on the site to find the right color you want!

PIMAX 4K Virtual Reality Headset VR Headset 3D VR Glasses for PC Game Video 

This one is actually on sale right now, as well as being on the best sellers list. Pimax 4K HMD is specially designed for Computer or Notebook. The minute you put on these high-definition 4K virtual reality headset and immerse yourself in the mind-blowing world of virtual reality. Your first VR World will start from Pimax 4K HMD, just step into a whole new world. At the same time, Pimax team can offer much rich VR and Movie Resource and brings you various and wonderful Virtual Reality Games and Movies experience. In addition, Pimax 4K HMD integrates Visual, Auditory and Tactile Sense to offer you all-round Virtual Reality experience. It is a great companion for traveling or staying house. You will love Pimax 4K HMD.