Call Of Duty WW2 – The Resistance

A few days ago Gamers Elite mentioned the new DLC coming out for Call Of Duty WW2. I had mentioned that they sent out a little sneak preview of the DLC, but I did NOT include it with the article because it was literally 15 seconds long and what it showed you, was easily explained via content.

However, Call Of Duty WW2 just put out a brand new trailer for the new DLC coming out called Resistance which you should definitely check out. Actually, there are a few new videos so I will include all the ones below.  While some of this seems great, I know I am still waiting for confirmation on items like new guns and new gear.  As soon as Gamers Elite knows you will know, but in the meantime we DO know quite a bit about the DLC.

Call Of Duty WW2 Trailer For DLC 1

Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – The Darkest Shore: The Darkest Shore is the third Nazi Zombies map in Call of Duty: WWII. It is part of the first DLC, The Resistance. This video also talks about the other maps in the DLC.

The Resistance DLC Trailer (2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

The 3 new maps are; Occupation, Valkyrie, and Anthropoid. You can find out more about these Call Of Duty WW2 maps below.


In this remake of the classic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer map Resistance, players battle through the streets and shops of German-occupied Paris during WWII.

Long side streets encourage mid-range combat, with nearby homes and storefronts lending defensive positions for ambush and recovery.


Located in the Masurian Woods, East Prussia, this map was inspired by The Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s Eastern-front headquarters during Operation Barbarossa, the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union.

This is a medium-sized map with gameplay focused on a dangerous center lane covered by multiple overwatch positions and mounted machine guns.


Based in Prague, Czechoslovakia, this map is inspired by Operation Anthropoid, the famous assassination attempt on a high-ranking German officer during World War II.

This map features a center lane divided by a river, with long-flanking paths that can be used by snipers for ranged attacks.

New Map For War Mode

Outside of St. Lo, France, our next War Mode experience leads us on an urban rescue mission to save Resistance fighters being transported by train.

The first objective on the Allied side is freeing the fighters, followed by the destruction of key communication equipment, and ending with stopping a train.

New Zombies Map

The Darkest Shore follows our heroes into the next chapter of their dangerous journey. Only days after the horrific disaster of Mittelburg, the crew has received intel that suggests Doktor Straub is on an island just north of Germany.

Blanketed in fog, this island is surrounded by Nazi air and sea power – and crawling with the Undead. Marie, Drostan, Olivia, and Jefferson will need to battle all this and more to uncover the mysteries hidden within the Darkest Shore.


If you STILL have not made the jump in purchasing WW2, I suggest you do.  If you were tired of the bouncing around crap and want a genuinely good game, this is the one for you.  I have a few minor complaints about the game, but overall its definitely a good one to pick up.

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Standard Edition – Call of Duty: WWII creates the definitive World War II next generation experience across three different game modes: Campaign, Multiplayer, and Co-Operative. Featuring stunning visuals, the Campaign transports players to the European theater as they engage in an all-new Call of Duty story set in iconic World War II battles. Multiplayer marks a return to original, boots-on-the ground Call of Duty gameplay. Authentic weapons and traditional run-and-gun action immerse you in a vast array of World War II–themed locations. The Co-Operative mode unleashes a new and original story in a standalone game experience full of unexpected, adrenaline-pumping moments.

Deluxe Edition Call of Duty WWII – Includes Season Pass – Definitely worth it!  Its the one I got!