Call of Duty WW2 Update – With Patch Notes

Call of Duty WW2 has had yet another update, for Xbox One PS4 and PC. In this article I want to go over the actual notes for console players and the updates, albeit small changes, you can expect to see on console. But if you happen to be on PC and play Call of Duty WW2 you can check those notes out here.

I also noted 1 main issue on my end.  Immediately AFTER the patch update, I could no longer get contracts.  Not really sure if this is happening to other people but so far I haven’t seen anyone else mention it.

Call of Duty WW2 Update – PS4, Xbox One


New Resistance Weapons and Uniforms

9MM SAP is now available to equip in Zombies loadouts

Connectivity/Spawns/Performance/Split Screen/Mechanics

Fixed split screen issue with players in parties trying to leave a party

Fixed spawning issue causing enemy and friendly tags not showing properly

Fixed issue in split screen where player’s avatar defaults to Desert Rat when playing as Resistance Division and upon leaving a public match

Fixed issue where users were unable to pause the game in Local MP match

Fixed issue where players were receiving error message “Lost connection to host/server. Connection timed out.” when loading in HQ

Modes for Call of Duty WW2

Fixed issues with Prop Hunt crashing

Fixed issue in Demolition where there were no timers between round transitions Party System/HQ

Fixed issue with Mail where items were shown as placeholders

Fixed issue where players would be kicked out of HQ when attempting to watch a video in the Theater

Improved functionality of the Emblem Gallery

Fixed issues with party invites and loss of functionality

UI Call of Duty WW2

Various UI fixes and improvements (text descriptions, Dossier menus, Emblem Editor, etc)

Fixed issue where additional losses were being incorrectly added to player’s record, driving down the win %

Fixed issue where expiration time was not showing up for Resistance Bribe Contract

Fixed issue where some items were showing incorrect image on supply drop cards

Progression/Divisions Call of Duty WW2

Added Scrambler and Indicator toggle for Resistance Division

Fixed issue where players were unable to open supply drop menu after Prestiging

Audio Call of Duty WW2

Fixed various SFX issues

Supply Drops Call of Duty WW2

Fixed issue where Polish Underground II Uniform was appearing in supply drops


Adjusted Paratroopers so they no longer target enemy aerial scorestreaks and no longer select Shovels or Serrated Basic Training

Fixed interactions between all fire weaponry and water (Anthropoid)

Fixed issue where sometimes view through the scope during ADS is blacked out

Fixed various weapon art issues

Fixed various display issues with the 9MM SAP


Fixed issue where players kills and deaths were not properly tracking

Fixed various UI issues with winners’ circle, AAR, and blank AAR Stats tab


Fixed issue where players were not able to connect to each other to start match


Fixed issue where players did not get melee weapon back after losing Wonder Weapon, resulting in ability to melee with standard issue guns

Fixed various map exploits

Fixed issue where 2XP icons were not showing up in all intended locations

Fixed issue where some weapons were missing animated camos

Fixed animation issues with various Zombies

Various UI fixes and improvements

Fixed issue in TDS where players were unable to leave Pommel Room after obtaining the Pommel

Fixed issue where players were not awarded the correct amount of supply crates

Fixed weapon inconsistencies that occur when players bleed out with only the Ripsaw in their possession

Fixed an issue where zombies affected by shellshock were unstunning

Fixed various weapon exploits

Fixed issue where users were unable to pause the game in Local Zombies match

Fixed issues various progression issues with Zombies