Are Call of Duty Zombies Getting Old?

Call Of Duty has been doing Call of Duty Zombies for as long as I can remember. For some people, usually the ones that don’t like Zombies or don’t play this part of the game, they think the whole Zombies “thing” is getting old and stale. For those of us that do play it and have continually played it, we love it.

Or at least I do anyway!

So far, I believe 6 games put out Call of Duty Zombies:

Advanced Warfare
Black Ops
Black Ops 2
Black Ops 3
Infinite Warfare

To me, every single game has the same base goal – kill the zombies, but every map/game looks different, has its own Easter eggs, has its own details and more.

To top it off, they tend to go with the game and the aspects of the game. For example, Advanced Warfare had the exo suits, so it only makes sense that the zombies and you had exo suits in the zombie maps. In Infinite Warfare on the other hand, on Spaceland, which deals with a 1980s amusement park, you have zombies dressed to look like they are from the 1980s.

I don’t know. I honestly really love Zombies. Not just games, but movies and television shows as well (Hello! Walking Dead anyone?!)

In Call of Duty WW2, they are also going to be doing Call of Duty Zombies, this time they will have a WW2 theme to the zombies and the map packs. Supposedly this is one of the scariest ones we have ever played, but I honestly don’t think that anything could scare the bejesus out of me more than Kino der Toten!

If it does, well, I can finally take Kino der Toten of off the list and add that map. (something about being in a creepy old theater with very dark corners, scared the hell out of me, not to mention the zombie crawlers). Oh and if you forgot what these lovely looking things look like, take a gander at the image below so I can refresh your memory!

Anyway. I love Zombies, I think that while Call of Duty Zombies didn’t start until 2008 with WaW, that COD Zombies did HELP pave the way for other Zombie games. I honestly think it would be really odd if I bought a COD game and it DIDN’T come with Zombies. My thing is, if you don’t like Zombies but you like COD? Then uh… don’t play Zombies! Easy enough.

What do you think? Has Call of Duty Zombies gotten old? Are you looking forward to WW2 zombies?