CPs Are Coming To Call Of Duty WW2 + Double XP

With Call Of Duty WW2 a lot of people were wondering if they would be having points available again.

I am one of those people that tries my best not to buy points for in-game stuff.  Its not because I disagree with micro-transactions, I just like the challenge and I feel like buying things in game is almost a cop-out.  Actually, let’s be honest its essentially gaming the system.  I work my butt off to get XXX gun and you buy yours in 3 minutes.  Hm.

Nonetheless, I have purchased cod points along the way from the first COD to Infinite Warfare – few and far between, but I purchased them nonetheless.

According to COD if you ordered the digital edition you received “free” COD points, therefore it was sort of obvious at the time that they were going to have them.

Then, recently Activision put out a little note on twitter saying that not only would they be having Call Of Duty WW2 points, but that they will be available to purchase on November 14th.

Some people said that they got this notification in headquarters:

“The in-game message of the day has also confirmed that Call of Duty Points will be used to purchase Rare MP or Zombies Supply Drops in Call of Duty WW2.”

But I did not get this message!

There is no word on how much the points will cost in Call Of Duty WW2 but I think it’s safe to say they will be the same or about the same as they were in other CODs.

On a side note, Call Of Duty WW2 is also having double XP right now – until Monday, so make sure you play a few games (or 100) to level up.  I am nearly ready to Prestige for the first time so I am really grinding in order to get there and perhaps prestige again before Monday!