Call Of Duty WW2 Beta Day 1 Review

I sort of knew what to expect when playing the Call Of Duty WW2 Beta, because like I said earlier, I watched Elite Shot play it on his PlayStation 4.  But, until you really get into it you really don’t know how its going to feel.  I was a little late yesterday because I was out of town, but I did play when I got home yesterday night.  I played until I reached level 10 – and I played ALL of the modes.

The Divisions

Gamers Elite previously wrote about divisions and how they would work in the Call Of Duty WW2 Beta, but as always, you don’t really know until you can use them and SEE how they do work.

There are 5 Divisions in the Call Of Duty WW2 Beta

Infantry Division
– Level 1 – Rifle Bayonet
– Level 2 Addtional Primary Attachment
– Level 3 Extra Magazines
– Level 4 Move Faster While Aiming Down Sights
– Level 5 Classified Rifle

Airborne Division
– Level 1 SMG Supressor
– Level 2 Spring For Longer Distances
– Level 3 Mantle Objects Faster
– Level 4 Increased Sprint Speed
– Level 5 Classfieid Sub Machine Gun

Armored Divisions
– Level 1 LMG Bipod
– Level 2 Immune To Shell Shock and Tactical Equipment
– Level 3 Take Less Fire Damage
– Level 4 Take Less Explosive Damage
– Level 5 Classified Light Machien Gun

Mountain Division
– Level 1 Sniper Sharpshooter
– Level 2 Invisible To Enemy Recon Aircraft While Moving
– Level 3 Hidden To Player COntrolled Streaks
– Level 4 Silvent Movement
– Level 5 Classified Sniper Rifle

Expeditionary Division
– Level 1 Shotgun Incendairy Shells
– Level 2 Select a Piece of Tactical and Lethal Equipment
– Level 3 Throw Equipment Faster, Farther and While Spriting
– Level 4 Resupply Equipment From Dead Enemies
– Level 5 Classified Shotgun

For the first time around I chose Infantry for the Call Of Duty WW2 Beta

You also have Basic Training which allows you to choose specials.  For example, I don’t like running out of ammo, so I chose Forage (resupply bullet from killed enemies and swap weapons faster).  But there are many others to choose from:

– Immune to shell shock and Tactical equipment
– Sprint for longer distance

– Quieter movement
– Take no fall damage
– Invisible to enemy Recon Aircraft while moving

– Reveal enemy equipment
– Take Less explosive damage

– Scorestreaks cost less
– Re-roll Care Packages

– Extra piece of lethal equipment
– Smoke Grenade as tactical equipment

– Extra Magazines
– Reload weapons faster

– Move faster while aiming down sight
– Extra attachment on Primary Weapon

– Kill without revealing enemy death locations
– No name or reticle color change when targeted

– Two attachments on Secondary Weapon

The Guns

I really liked the guns I got to play with so far.  I really enjoyed the Lewis as well as the MG15.  They have enough control and bullets to keep you moving along the line of enemies.  To be honest, I liked the guns MORE on the Call Of Duty WW2 Beta than I did/do on Battlefield 1.  You have quite a few guns that are already available to you, but as you move up the leveling system you receive unlock tokens which you can use for more guns.


I do hope that when the game comes out, though, that at least a lens is available for each or most of the guns.  For some reason, I always play better when I have a lens so not having one right off the bat led me to do bad in the game.  After I got a lens for a few of the guns, I went from a frustrating negative 2-5 to a positive 5-10.

The only gun that really kept pissing me off was the shotgun that catches people on fire.  Its quite annoying and kind of a cop out to be honest.


The more you use specific guns the more you will level them and the more attachments you will have.  This shouldn’t be anything new to you if you’ve played any other COD, Battlefield or other FPS.

So for example, on my MG15, I have quick draw, grip and a lens.

I look forward to unlocking more guns, like the STG44!


The Score Streaks

I also liked the score streaks.  You, of course, have some that you are already used to using like the UAV and a few that are sort of variants of other COD games.  One thing I really do miss is the Sentry gun.  But as far as I know, Sentry guns were NOT available in WW2.  Gun Turrets were, but that’s a whole other ball game!

The Modes

I am glad to see Domination in there because I tend to play that quite a bit on every other FPS.  However, I would suggest that you also check out WAR.  It allows you to play several chapters at once where you have several different objectives.  Of course you will play with people that have NO idea what they are doing but eh, its the beta, hopefully this will change a little bit when the game comes out.

I really liked WAR a lot, but I was playing with 5 other people who were quite literally just standing around – some were AFC, while others were just shooting from really far away.  Mind you out first objective was the put dynamite on the walls.  I took the outer area to sneak by some enemies, got down on my belly and crawled past a few crates and easily made it up to where I needed to be.  Put the dynamite on 2 walls, and built 2 contraptions – while everyone else was STILL in the background doing whatever they were doing.  SMH.

WAR could be a ton of fun but people need to do their part.


The Maps

Alright so we only get to play 3 maps right now for the Call Of Duty WW2 Beta, possibly more once it gets closer to the end of the beta, but maybe not!  The maps include;

Ardennes Forest: Battle through the frigid snow-covered forest of the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge, the brutal final major offensive effort by the German army to punch through the Allied front lines. Engagements are fast and deadly in the dangerous, snow-covered woodland ruins. Stay alert in this medium size map fortified with emplaced MG42 machine guns waiting to annihilate enemy combatants.

Gibraltar: Battle through the fortified bastion and steep cliffs of Gibraltar, built as a strategic defense of the Mediterranean Sea and a major refueling and supply station for the Allied forces during WWII. Prepare for multilevel combat engagements and treacherous terrain in one of the most densely fortified and fought over places in Europe. Don’t neglect the lower lane, and use the defense batteries there to pick off flankers.

Pointe du Hoc: Fight through a fortified network of German bunker complexes atop the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc, an important strategic target overlooking the beaches of Normandy. Engage in fast-paced, close-quarters combat in the trenches, or flank the enemy in a brutal fight to lock down the nearby farmhouse and bunkers for control of key access routes to the bluff.

ALL of the maps look spectacular.  I think that I like Ardennes Forest the most, right now though.  Gibraltar has a lot of choke points and if you are playing something like Domination, Gibraltar and Pointe du Hoc can get really crazy in terms of all the different ways enemies can come and kill you for trying to cap the flag.

In the end, I really like the game.  I like the things mentioned above, but I also like the overall set up of the soldier customization’s.  I look forward to playing more today and up until the beta ends on the 4th.