Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer Review By Gamers Elite

I decided to do Call Of Duty WW2 MP first because, well, that’s really what people want to know about the most!

Over the past few days I have been reading a lot of people’s comments on this game.  For me, Call Of Duty WW2 is not just about being a FPS and blowing stuff up, its about something more.  I don’t want to get all mushy and sensitive – but World War 2 was an actual thing that happened in real life.  I, as I am sure you, have had loved ones serve.

According to the devs for Call Of Duty WW2 they tried to make the game as TRUE to the war as they could.  As a writer who pens military books, I know just how hard this is.

So first and foremost, I would like to thank the VETS from World War 2 that fought.  I would also like to thank those that have been, are or will be in the military. Not just anyone can sign up to put their life on the line for us.


According to The American Veterans Aid, in 2016 only 620,000 vets that fought in WW2 were still alive.  This is a considerable loss because over 16 million fought in the war.  That number and those stats goes even higher once you branch out worldwide – over 1.9 billion served in WW2.

So no.  This is not just a game.  This is our history.  Maybe that was Activision’s hook to get people like me to care enough to buy the game and TRY to be neutral about the issues inside the game.  Well, it worked.  I care enough to buy the game and try to be neutral about the issues inside the game.

Secondly, I would like to thank the devs from Call Of Duty WW2 for doing their best in trying to create a game that was true to the real World War 2.

While we had a few hiccups in the beginning (and, who was expecting it to go smoothly?  NOT ME!), the game is in perfect working order for me and many other fans of the series.  If you are still having issues, I would suggest Googling those issues, contacting Activision Support on Twitter, etc.

The errors, server issues and crazy glitches are not a “this only happened on Call Of Duty WW2” thing.  This has happened and will probably continue to happen in every multiplayer game across the board.  The same goes with Battlefield, Destiny, hell even Forza has its issues on game day.

I hate to be harsh but either suck it up and wait for it to get fixed – or stop playing video games!  I think people are being really unfair in bashing Activision for the game’s start.  I also think its unfair to say that THIS game is the only COD that has had issues.  A simple Google search on the release weeks when other CODs came out, will reveal that every COD since the start of time, has had issues on its release week.

Graphics for Call Of Duty WW2

I loved Black ops and I will most likely always compare these COD games to my first love.  But, besides the game play, the controls, the guns, the one thing I really liked about CODBO was the fact that the graphics meshed well with the era the game was supposed to be set in.  The same goes with Call Of Duty WW2.  If you’re looking for pristine graphics, you won’t find it here.  Its gritty.  It can be dark.  The overlay on the graphics is meant to look war-torn.  But.. I like it!

The Guns Call Of Duty WW2

I remember when they first announced Call Of Duty WW2 and some people didn’t like the idea because they thought the guns were going to be crap and that there were going to be too few guns.  But, I think Call Of Duty WW2 has proven that they can offer not only various guns in each category, but that they are guns we can actually use and like to use.  You have your usual contenders like the BAR and the STG44, as well as a few surprises.  In all, Call Of Duty WW2 has 31 weapons.

This includes; ARs, SMGs, LMGs, Pistols, Snipers, Shotties, Launchers and melee.  I expect that they will add more guns as time goes on and with the additional DLCs.  Beyond just these 31 weapons there are also variations that add on certain styles or certain perks like 10% more XP on kills.  Unlike with BF1, I don’t feel like there are too few guns.  I feel like there are just enough guns to keep me going.

The Headquarters

I am really hoping that they get the Emblem and Camo app done pretty soon here.  I am really interested in seeing what types of camo and emblems we are allowed to create.  In the meantime you have a lot of different options when it comes to the headquarters and I am happy to see that beyond just playing and leveling up, there are other ways to get gun variations, unlock emotes, get more Armory coins and more via contracts and missions.  I also like that they added in your 3 hour “payroll” which gives you 100+ Armory coins to spend on whatever you want.

Some people are complaining about the supply drops but Ill be honest, I see nothing wrong with them.  In fact, I think they are quite beneficial to both types of people – those that are good at the game and those that are just casual payers.

The Core Modes

As always CORE always has more modes than hardcore – which to this day still upsets me, but oh well.  Core has a ton of options depending on what you like to play or guns you might want to use.  Personally, I have been playing a lot of HC, but when I do play core, its all about WAR.  I think they could work on their directions for WAR a little better, but overall I am happy that they included this in the beta and in the game, I think its a nice addition and something different to play.

The Hardcore Modes

Unfortunate but true HC never has a ton of modes to play.  Usually it’s anywhere from 3-5 and that’s it.  Not to mention when COD games have XP events they never include HC, only core!  I mainly play HC Domination.

While I enjoy the game play, I am still finding these campers that think they are LEGENDARY because they hid in the corner the entire game and got 45 kills and 2 deaths.  If someone down the line makes a FPS where you literally cannot camp (or you will get kicked or blow up) I would buy it in a second.  These people, while they feel good about themselves, just make the game not fun for those like myself who are trying to play legit.

Unfortunately, I don’t think COD campers will ever stop.  Why would they?  They don’t get punished; they get their goat by camping, and they get the most defends and kills!


Because they were trying to keep with the era, Call Of Duty WW2 will not have laser strikes haha or RAPS and that is pretty understandable, but I think that the scorestreaks they did give us are pretty satisfying.  I especially like the Carpet Bombing and the mortar strike.

The Divisions and Skills

To be quite honest, I am still getting used to these.  I feel like I like the skills but I’m not getting exactly what I want like I did in other CODS.  For example, what if I want a suppressor for my assault rifle, scavenger, and ghost – can’t have it.  So it sort of bums me out a little, but if you play around with them and tweak the division versus the skill, you should be able to find a NEW setup you like.  Perhaps it won’t be 100% what you wanted, but its going to have to be close enough.

While I feel like the game could be giving us more options – some of which will never be available like with the skills above or some that will be available eventually – like with the custom emblems and camos, I think that overall Call of Duty WW2 is a great game. No game is perfect so its always important to keep that in mind when reviewing or playing ANY game. in the meantime I would like to rate Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer as a 8.75/10. Perhaps once they tweak or add things in due time my review will go up, but right now its sitting steady at an 8.75.