Call of Duty WWII Winter Siege Event

Sledgehammer has announced that they will have a Winter event for Call of Duty WWII called Winter Siege! As of right now, all we really know is that the map Carentan will be a winter map with snow and all and that we will be receiving BIG rewards throughout the event.

The Call of Duty WWII Winter event will start on Friday, December 8th and will end sometime in early January.

The entire Carentan map will be redesigned into a snowy wintery town in 1944. According to Sledgehammer, this map will be free to ALL players on Call of Duty WWII while this event is going on. There will also be an array of multiplayer game modes added to the map as well.

I’m not really sure yet if they plan to make ALL of the maps on Call of Duty WWII winter themed or if its just going to be this one map, but its going to be interesting to see.

If you remember; last year on infinite Warfare we had a Christmas event which took place from December 21st until January 21st. They included all sorts of extra events, winter/Christmas map, double XP events, loot crates and more. The map we all know and love, Genesis was particularly Christmassy and on MWR they also had a few Christmas events as well.

Plus, every time you logged in you received a reward. I assume Call of Duty WWII will work the same way.  But, I guess we will find out when more information is available.

I am looking forward to the new event on Call of Duty WWII. It’s always fun when your games change according to the season or holiday like Halloween!

As soon as more information is available on the Call of Duty WWII event, you will find it posted on Gamers Elite.