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Drift Zone Achievement List Now Available

One of my very favorite things about video game consoles like the Xbox One and PS4 and being able to see what other people are playing, is you get to find out about new games – all, the, time.

I mean hell, I write for a Video Game News website and I am still, every day, finding out about new games I never even heard of.

This time around I saw a friend playing Drift Zone. Oh, a car game eh. Hm. I checked it out and it actually looks really fun. The cool thing about this game is that it’s essentially an indie game so this tends to mean that its a lower price than some AAA title – and it is.

Purchase The Game Here!

On the Microsoft store its available for a measly $13. You can check out one of the videos below.

Also, there is a Drift Zone 2 – by the same company, but Drift Zone 2 is just for...

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Monster Hunter World Achievements Now Available

Monster Hunter World is going to be released… tomorrow! Its one of the top talked about games in 2018 and it will be available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC! Gamers Elite has written a ton of articles about Monster Hunter World which can be found below:

Monster Hunter World – Day 1 Updates

Monster Hunter World Will NOT Be Coming To Switch

Monster Hunter World Will NOT Have Microtransactions

More Information Released On Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World – Free DLC

The D...

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Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition Achievement List Now Available

If you like arcade games then Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition is the game you should be checking out! The game has 3 different stages (all of which are new); The Gas Giant, The Living Planet and The Artificial Core.

Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition is already available on Steam for PC and was released last year, but another version is going to be released on Xbox One on February 9th!

The Xbox One achievements for Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition has now also been released so you can check those out below as well. As one would expect with such a fun arcade game as this one, you will see a lot of fun and easy to get achievements for Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition, as well as a handful of challenging achievements.

Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition has a LOT of achievem...

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Pinstripe Achievement List Now Available

If Pinstripe sounds familiar to you, it should – it was released back in early 2017 for the PC. But, it now also has a new date for a release on the Xbox One. Let me tell ya if you like Tim Burton of Tim Burton inspired games and movies – this is one you will definitely want to check out.

Pinstripe is an emotionally charged adventure through Hell created entirely by a one-man team over the course of five years. Play as Teddy, an estranged ex-minister forced to venture through the frozen afterlife in search of his three-year-old daughter Bo, and her perverse kidnapper. Discover the dark secrets of Teddy’s past, and confront his sleazy, demonic nemesis, Mr. Pinstripe.

Thomas Brush, creator of award-winning indie games Coma and Skinny, reveals a gorgeous art style, breathtaking score, and ch...

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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Achievement List Available

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter has actually been out a while now for PC and PlayStation 4 so if it sounds familiar that’s probably why! It is just now being released for Xbox One though on January 19th. You can find a little bit more about this game below and further down the actual achievements for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is set in an open world environment, in which the player can roam around and explore at will. The player can use paranormal abilities in order to solve crimes, such as sensing where important objects are located and reassembling the timeline of events tied to a certain death.

Technically speaking, even though it is an open world game, it’s a single player game that is set in the Adventure drama...

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Titan Quest Achievement List Now Available

Gamers Elite has talked about Titan Quest a few times last year.  The game, which is being published by THQ Nordic will be released sometime in 2018 supposedly for Xbox One / PC and PS4 – however, the placard for the game states that it will be available on December 31st, 2018, and we know that means – usually it means it won’t be available until 2019.

There is both a collectors edition and a standard edition for the game.

Titan Quest – Xbox One Standard Edition

Titan Quest – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

Titan Quest: Collector’s Edition – PC

Titan Quest: Collector’s Edition – PlayStation 4

Titan Quest: Collector’s Edition – Xbox One

“From Age of Empires co-creator Brian Sullivan and Braveheart writer Randall Wallace comes an innovative action role-playing game set in ancient Greece, Egy...

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Railway Empire Achievements List Available

If you’re one of those people that love games where you build things – you will probably love Railway Empire because that is exactly the premise of the game. The game actually looks very cool and might especially be good for someone that LOVES trains.

In Railway Empire, you will create an elaborate and wide-ranging rail network, purchase over 40 different trains modeled in extraordinary detail, and buy or build railway stations, maintenance buildings, factories and tourist attractions to keep your travel network ahead of the competition.

The official release of Railway Empire is coming up quite quickly – Jan 26, 2018.

If you already have your pre-order, I have the achievement list which you will probably be interested in checking out, below! If you have not pre-ordered the game, I would su...

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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III Achievement List

As you know, as Xbox Live members, we get free games every month. In January, one of the games that we get is The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III. If you haven’t checked out the article on Gamers Elite yet here, you can also read the description below for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III.

In Van Helsing III, the civil war is over in Borgovia, but the future looks grim. The city of weird science is in ruins, squabbling factions and criminals fight for power and a strange cult prophesied the coming of “The end of times.” And they might be just right: A wave of uncanny events shakes the land, and it’s all connected to a mysterious creature, a former ally turned into a fearful arch-villain.

Which means that Van Helsing will do what he does best: He wields weapons, pr...

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Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 Achievement List Available

Take off with your rescue helicopter, be the hero chopper pilot, and save the life of the wounded soldiers in the battlefield in Dustoff Heli Rescue 2. Fight against tanks and trucks firing their weapons at you and transport the friendly army back to their base.

In Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 you can:

Save hostages being held in Prisoner of War camps.
Combat in military attacks in the desert, forests, mines, swamps, and fjords.
Build radio towers and bridges.
Protect the friendly truck and VIP convoy before the enemies can reach and demolish them!
Find and transport the stolen trucks and cargo and take them back to the HQ!
Fight against the extreme weather conditions and fly in a dust storm, heavy rain and snow blizzard.
Upgrade your weaponry, install various gun, missile and rocket weapons to p...

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Gems of War Has A New Guaranteed Achievement

Gems of War is one of those games that I thoroughly enjoy. Not only is it actually fun and challenging, but they are constantly updating the game.

Summary: Create a Hero and conquer the world of Krystara. Each Kingdom you capture holds new troops and quests for you to explore, as you strive to build the mightiest army in the realm.

In Gems of War, you battle your foes not just with swords and sorcery, but with a puzzle board! Match gems to power your spells, and match skulls to smite your enemies! Then take the spoils of war, and forge a mighty empire. It’s highly addictive, easy to learn, and filled with crazy combos and tons of depth.

Each Kingdom has quirky new characters to meet, and plenty of quests and battles to keep you occupied...

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