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Xbox One X Pre-Orders – Still No Date!

Its been almost 2 months since Microsoft first announced that they would be having a monster of a console released in 2017 – the Xbox One X. Its supposed to be one of the best systems in the Xbox family – and is supposed to out-beat all other consoles as well. Here are just a few tidbits of information about the system:

– 4K capabilities

– The 8-core Custom AMD CPU is clocked at 2.3GHz to bring enhanced AI, real world detail, and smoother interactions to your gaming.

– 12GB GDDR5 of graphic memory add speed and power to game performance to enable bigger worlds, further horizons, and quicker load times.

– A 6 Teraflop GPU enables 4K environments and characters to become more realistic than ever, with more detail and smoother animations.

– Game graphics are faster and more detailed with 326 ...

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The Best Portable Gaming Consoles Part 2

In an earlier article, I started to write Part 1 of the best portable gaming consoles. This blog will continue that topic.

You can read the previous choices here.

PlayStation Portable 3000 Core Pack System

This is like the one I had, but I had a PSP and it was so much fun. I remember when I first bought it, it was with my Christmas money, many many moons ago and I had a ton of gaming time on it. “The PSP-3000 PlayStation Portable offers a beautiful screen that is brighter than ever, giving you a multitude of entertainment options on the go. Play games, listen to music, connect to the Internet, watch movies, and do more, all in a sleek compact package that you can easily bring with you wherever you go.”

This specific one is used...

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Best Car Racing Games in 2017

In late 2016 and early 2017 – especially during E3, we were made aware of some of the racing games that would be coming out for consoles and PC. I thought this would be a great time to make a list of the best car racing games in 2017. This, as you know, is one of my favorite genres to play, and it was definitely a fun one to write as well! All of the games below are a mix of both sim racing, as well as arcade games. Not only is the best car racing games in 2017 list a list of games that I like or would like to play, but they are also on this list because of features, cars available, tracks available, graphics and more!

Need For Speed Payback

I am really looking forward to this game! Usually, they release a game once a year but they missed the last few years...

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More In-depth Info About Bethesda’s Creation Club

When I first heard about Bethesda’s Creation Club I was super excited – not because I am a modder or a developer of pretty much anything relevant to the gaming today, but just because I thought it sounded like a cool concept. You go in, you create a mod, and people pay for said mods.

The more I heard about it though, it seemed, well, like crap. From what other sites were saying the mod had to pay to join the club. Then the player had to buy the mod. Then the modder got nothing but notoriety in return.

After doing a little more search and looking at Bethesda’s Creation Club it seems that some people got a little confused or maybe they were just trying to create something to cry about – I don’t know.

Bethesda’s Creation Club works very simply. The creator applies for a position in the club...

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My Big Pre-Order List!

As per usual, more and more games are coming out the closer we get to E3.  When E3 finally happens, I am pretty sure (as always) I will have a few more games added to the list.  But, these are the ones I have pre-ordered thus far.

Destiny 2

I really loved the first Destiny, so as soon as I heard they were putting a second one out, I reserved it right away.  Are there some things that Destiny 2 needs to change from the first game?  Of course.  But, I think that’s like any game.  Take Need For Speed, for instance, I always loved the series, but the first game is not nearly as good as the last game.  If you love a series you really have to commit to it and stick with it to see change!  I wrote a few other articles about Destiny 2, which you can read here, here, here, and here...

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Perception Achievement List

Perception was listed on quite a few websites as being one of the best horror and suspense games around. The entire story follows a woman named Cassie who is placed in a “scene” that has been haunting her dreams for awhile now – its an abandoned mansion in Gloucester Massachusetts known as Estate At Echo Bluff. The protagonist, Cassie not only has to deal with an entity known as The Presence in the mansion, but to top it all off.. she is also blind.

The game doesn’t allow Cassie to fight back per se. The only thing she can do is run and hide, but she can also use noises to make her way through the mansion without running into the Presence. Unfortunately The Presence will also attract the Presence...

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The Best Free Games On Xbox One

Xbox has come a long way since the first BIG BRICK Xbox was released back in 2001. I was just 20 years old back then and when I got my Xbox I thought it was the most amazing thing I ever laid my hands on. Of course, Xbox was MUCH different back then. We had chat, but you could only chat in-game, or at least for the games I played. This whole Party chat was something I never even heard of. The graphics were amazing (haha ironic), the games kept me busy for hours on end, and I always knew that I could hop online at night and my friends would be there ready to play Tom Clancy Black Arrow and the likes.

Then when the Xbox 360 came out, I was overjoyed and I thought that THAT Xbox could never be beaten. Oh my, was I wrong. Then Xbox One came out and I was officially blown away...

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The Best Indie Games 2017

I won’t pretend to know anyone else’s reasoning behind liking, buying and playing Indie games. But, here are a few of MY own reasons.

– They tend to be cheaper than big publisher games, YAY
– They tend to be more creative or more original
– They usually have some solid gameplay and very rarely have the same release issues that BIG gaming companies have

And they are fun! I didn’t include that in my reasoning because any game can be fun. It doesn’t matter if its some Indie game or some AAA publishing company.

Nonetheless, Indie games have become more and more popular over the past 3 years. Some of the reasoning behind that is the reasons I listed above, but everyone, I am sure has other reasons behind it as well.

If you like Indie games and you want to keep up with all the Indie games in 201...

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Far Cry 5 New Artwork Released!

Let’s be honest, these publishers love to make us squirm in our seats! While Ubisoft isn’t supposed to show us their big reveal until May 26th that tells us more about Far Cry 5, they still let out a little secret as to what the game contains and what its about. you can find the image below.

Momma always said you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but its sort of hard not to judge the game by THAT picture above. The image is called The Last Supper. Besides the actual name of the image, as you can see in the image there are all sorts of subtle and in your face religious tones too.

I am definitely looking forward to more information on the game, what its really going to be about and more. We already know that its going to be set in fictitious Hope County in Montana...

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Red Dead Redemption 2 – News and Pre-Order Information – Updated 5/23/2017

Update:  As it turns out, and I am sure no one is actually surprised, Rockstar has officially pushed Red Dead Redemption into 2018.  I know the fans will be split on this decision.  Some will be upset because they have already been waiting so many years for a new game to come out.  The other half of the fans will be grateful because this means that they want to make sure the game is in tip-top shape before putting it out.  I am right in the middle to be honest.  I was really looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2, but hey, if they need more time, they need more time.  There’s not really too much you can do about it.

Also, everything has been put on hold.  That means pre-orders!  If you go to these two links, it says its currently unavailable.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – PlayStatio...

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