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Getting Your Kids To Read More With Video Game Novels

One of the biggest issues parents have when it comes to their kids, is reading. In fact, more often than not, its usually boys under the age of 15 that simply don’t want to read books. At all. Girls can usually be swayed one way or another. Either way, whether you have boys or girls, reading is an important factor. Here are just a few simple benefits of reading for kids (as well as adults!)

Practice Makes Perfect

When a child first learns to read they will stumble over words, not know how to pronounce words correctly, etc. But, once they begin to read and they do it consistently, they will begin to read better, understand how certain words work, be able to figure out how to sound words out and more...

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Far Cry 5 Confirmed

Just a few days ago Ubi announced that they will indeed be releasing a new Far Cry; Far Cry 5. The series has become incredibly popular to gamers as well as fans of anything that Ubi puts out. (I love Ubisoft!) Don’t get too excited just yet though. This game will most likely NOT be coming out this year, most likely it will be next year. They were quoted in saying that it would be out before the current Fiscal Year ended which ends on March 2018 so it could be anywhere between now and then.

As of right now pretty much everything else is a mystery; there is no location information, time period information, or a release date (obviously!). They were also quoted as saying we would find out about the game “very soon...

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Injustice 2’s Facial Expressions Are So Good Its Scary!

If you play video games a lot you know that graphics are indeed important. Graphics over the past 20 years have changed for the better, significantly. Hell, even within the past 4 years of Xbox One and 3 years of PlayStation 4 – graphics have changed immensely. Its no wonder with the technology we have today and the creative people behind the scenes making these video games. Even taking a look at a game from 360 versus Xbox One shows a significant improvement. Not only in the simple things like the scenery but the more complex things like facial expressions. As a gamer, it seems like facial expressions and the MOUTH of the character moving in proper sync with the voice coming from the character has always been the most difficult part of a video game...

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Most Successful Video Games vs Fails

I was in the middle of doing a fun Infographic (Love creating those!!) When I started to wonder if there was an infographic of the most successful vs least successful video games… ever.  Then I found this little gem.  Do you agree or disagree with this list?  I would say for the most part I do agree.  Most of those FAILED games I never even heard of besides Brutal Legend, Duke Nukem, etc.  By the way… look at The Last Express EXTRA close.  Does that or does that not look like a cartoon drawing of Brendan Fraser?!?

Anyway, let me know what your thoughts are on this infographic.  Its pretty long!

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The Best Zombie Games Ever! Part 2

Before you read this, make sure you read Part 1!

Call of Duty – World At War – Zombies
Release Date: November 11, 2008

I know in a lot of cases the younger generation plays these zombie games on COD but they really don’t know anything about the origins of the game, where zombies got its start, etc. For those of us that are a little older (me lol), we know all the ins and outs of Zombies and COD. Call of Duty World At War was THE first COD to ever introduce Zombies. Back then they were called Nazi Zombies, appropriately. The game allowed you to play by yourself or with friends, and of course, the same old same old – you has the task of killing wave after wave of zombies...

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The Best Zombie Games Ever! Part 1

*** I ended up splitting this into 2 articles because it was SUPER long!  So make sure if you read this one that you come back for part 2 posted later on today.  Its already written, but adding in videos and images takes a lot of work (and time!).

I always say that there aren’t as many Zombie games as there are other genres, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist because they do. In fact, a lot of the zombie games out there are fantastic, probably because they aren’t all clambering against each other competitively. Even if 2 or 3 zombie games come out in the same year, they are all quite different. If you love zombies and love zombie games, here is my pick for the best zombie games for consoles.

Dead Nation – PlayStation 3 and 4
Release Date: November 30, 2010

Summary: Run...

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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Double XP Event

I love the COD series, its definitely one of my favorites and VERY different from the Battlefield series.  Black ops 3 was by far one of my favorite COD games (besides of course the very first black ops!).  I honestly didn’t even hear anything about BO3 having double XP this weekend so when I signed in this afternoon I was quite surprised to see it was INDEED double XP.  The menu news on the game doesn’t even talk about it.  So if you have black ops 3 go play some double XP – as always its available in all game modes and Nuketown 24/7 is back as well for the event.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP Classes Have Leaked

Ghost Recon Wildlands has released just a few short months ago, but players are already getting antsy for the PVP aspect of the game. So far there is no actual word on when PVP will be released. If you visit the Ghost Recon Wildlands Facebook you will simply be told by staff that it is coming soon. Whatever that means. I honestly feel like they are just trying to pacify people – well, certain people anyway. For me? I am still enjoying, playing, and leveling up my guns, doing missions and just having fun...

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Prey Keycodes and Safe Combinations

From the renowned publisher, Bethesda comes a new first-person shooter experience called Prey. Released on the 5th of May on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and of course PC, this shooter takes you into a sci-fi setting and combines stealth gameplay with RPG elements.  Since it was brought to you by Arkane and Bethesda you might notice some nuances that remind you of Bioshock and Fallout.   The game has you taking down alien enemies and cracking codes on door locks and safes. There are a significant amount of places tucked away behind locked doors and a good deal of goodies locked inside safes.

During your first play-through, you will probably miss a lot of these because you just want to play the game through, have fun and enjoy it for what it is, so here are a few keycodes and safe combination...

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Digital Games vs Physical Games – Which Is The Best Option?

There are essentially 3 types of people when it comes to video games.

1- Those that love physical discs for whatever their reasoning; they like to trade them in when they are done with them, they are super anal, they just like the look and feel of a real case and CD, etc.

2- Those that are either/or. They like physical games, but if something is on a really good sale, and its digital, they WILL get it!

3- Those that could care less either way lol.

I think that I lean more towards 2. I like having my discs, but more often than not I find a lot of good gaming deals online for digital games. However! I would probably purchase more digital games than I already have if I had an even bigger hard drive. Right now I have a 5T for my Xbox One. Its about 45% filled up!

Benefits Of Physical Games


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