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5 Best Selling Games For PlayStation 4

Looking for some cool games to add to your PlayStation 4 arsenal? These are the TOP 5 best selling digital codes that are available right now.

Persona 5 – PS4 [Digital Code]

Unveil the narrative of a young team of phantasm thieves in this current addition to the critically acclaimed Persona series. By day, relish your high school life in the big city, spending your time however you please. The bonds you form with the people you meet will grow into a great power to help you fulfill your destiny! After school, use your Metaverse Navigator smartphone app to infiltrate Palaces–surreal worlds created from the hearts of corrupt adults–and slip away to your double life as a phantom thief...

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Nintendo Switch Games You Should Check Out

If you purchased a Nintendo Switch this year, you probably also bought Zelda breath fo The Wild and Splatoon 2. Chances are you are also sick to death of these games! My cousin bought a switch specifically to play Zelda. He texted me last week to inform me that he thinks he made a mistake buying the Switch to begin with. He was complaining that there were not a lot of other games for the Nintendo Switch. I helped he with a few other titles, and that is exactly what I am going to do for you in this article. Believe me, there are a lot of aweosme games out there for the Switch!

Cave Story +

This is a game that was actually already released in 2004 on the PC and then it made its way to Wii, PSP and DS...

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Best Sellers List – Assortment Of Items – 8/4/2017

Whether you are a gamer or not, you can and probably do enjoy other things besides games.  These can be related to comics, books, movies, hell even tv shows.  If you are looking for some of the best selling items for today, August 8th, look no further than this best seller list!  These are all the items – have it be chopsticks or video games or lamps that are related to cool stuff like comic book heroes, mainstream tv and movies and more.

“Forest Whisper” 12 Hole Ocarina Classic Strawfire Masterpiece Collectible,alto C,recommended By Shop Owner OcarinaWind®

Star Wars Hand Towel Set – Imperial & Rebel

Star Wars Saga Vader Shaped Bath Rug

SmartDealsPro 7 x 7-Die Series 7 Colors Symphony Dungeons and Dragons DND RPG MTG Table Games Dice with Free Pouches

Star Wars: Darth Vader Lightsaber ...

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The Best Portable Gaming Consoles Part 1

A few years ago, portable gaming consoles were incredibly popular and there were quite a few different options available. Then, it sort of just went stagnant. Now though, once again there are portable gaming consoles popping up all over the place. But, with all these options available, how do you know which portable gaming consoles are good and which ones are not? It starts with the brand, in my opinion. If you have a brand that is well known, chances are they will have a better system. Here are just a few of my favorites that also happen to be highly rated.

Hyperkin SupaBoy S, Portable Pocket SNES Console

It should already be pretty obvious from reading past articles on Gamers Elite that I LIKE Hyperkin as a company and I think they come up with some really great ideas for systems...

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Best Sellers List 7/8 – HUGE List!

Best sellers usually turn into best sellers because they are good products – good products always get a higher return because of things like social shares, word of mouth and of course reviews. Chances are if you read these Best Sellers Lists, you will see products that have ultra-high ratings – were talking hundreds to thousands of reviews and a rating of at least 4.0 out of 5. Here is your best sellers list for today, 7/8.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock

The Joy-Con Charging Dock is the easiest solution for charging your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers. Charge 4 Joy-Con Controllers at a time for multiple players, or keep an extra pair charged for single players to switch out. 4 customer reviews right now with a 4.6 out of 5 stars!

Steam Controller

The Steam Controller frees you...

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PC and Video Game Deals – Today Only

If you need a new controller, are looking for some fantastic deals, or you need accessories for your PC or console gaming, this is it! These are some of the best deals you will find today. Be forewarned though, if you don’t do these deals now, they will be gone by tomorrow.

Steam Controller  30% Off

Grand Theft Auto V – PC Download [Download]  50% Off

Kungber Anti-Scratch Hard Back Case Cover for Nintendo Switch Transparent Ergonomic Accessories Skin 2017  16% Off

Etekcity H7PX+ Gaming Headset 7.1 Channel Virtual Surround Sound Noise Isolation Stereo Over-ear USB headphones Headset 32% Off

SHINE HAI Nintendo Switch Hard Carrying Case with 10 Game Cartridge Holders, Protective Travel Case  68% Off

SADES Updated A70 USB Stereo Gaming Headset Over-Ear Headphones with Microphone Volum...

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Steam Games Sale – Top Games On Sale

There are quite a few surveys out there that talk about PC gaming and how its more popular today than ever before – even when compared to console gamers. in fact, a study in 2016 was done that said there were 1.8BILLION gamers on earth and 62% of those gamers accounted for PC players. That is quite a lot! If you put it into perspective that equals out to about 1.2 billion people that play on PC! Whether these people are fantastic or they just play every so often cannot actually be gauged. As of right now, there are 2 big players in PC gaming – Steam and People seem to like each option for different reasons. On this specific article, I’ll be covering steam… for now!

On Gamers Elite I try to give you guys variations on gaming...

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Best Sellers in PC Games

The previous posts included; Best Sellers in PC Virtual Reality and Best Sellers in PC Digital Games and DLC. This best sellers list is all about Best Sellers in PC Games. Chances are you WILL see some repeats like StormBlood and Sims of course. But, overall this is a list of 10+ games that are Best Sellers in PC Games. I did not include any DLC or game extras like coins and stuff on this list – just pure gaming!

Destiny 2 

Okay so this one is not out yet, but it will be soon which is why its on the Best Sellers in PC Games. Destiny 2 on PC will be available sometime in October of this year. I wrote quite a few articles on this game so be sure to check them out here:

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Best Sellers in PC Digital Games & DLC

If you are looking for some new PC Digital Games & DLC to add to your collection, this is the list for you. Its a collection of the top 10+ games and DLC for the PC. These might be brand new games or older games! Most of these PC Digital Games & DLC shouldn’t surprise you – Final Fantasy, SIMS, Runescape. Minecraft etc are all very popular games on PC.

NCsoft NCoin 1600 [Online Game Code] 

This is for the 1600 tokens but if you follow the link you can also find other options; from 400 to 8000. NCSOFT NCoin is the virtual currency in NCSOFT’s games including Aion, Lineage II, and Blade & Soul. OS Supported: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP etc.

League of Legends $50 Gift Card – 7200 Riot Points – NA Server Only [Online Game Code] 

Recently recognized as the most-played video game in the world...

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Best Sellers in PC Virtual Reality

PC Virtual Reality just started to become really popular over the past 3 or 4 years. Because of this more and more game developers and gaming and tech companies are starting to make more products for virtual reality. While a lot of games are starting to do virtual reality on consoles, I think one of the better options (honestly) is PC Virtual Reality. This tends to be where you will find the most realistic experiences and also the best products to purchase. Because of how popular PC Virtual Reality is becoming I wanted to go ahead and do a Best Sellers in PC Virtual Reality. These might be accessories, cameras, controllers or even headsets. But as of right now they are the best selling and usually the highest rated products available for PC virtual reality.

Oculus Touch 

Oculus Touch is a...

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