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The Art of Overwatch Book Pre-Order

Yesterday Gamers Elite talked about the Art of Sea Of Thieves book which features The Sea Of Thieves video game. Today, I want to talk about the Overwatch edition called The Art of Overwatch. The book actually comes in 3 different options – which are quite different, presentation wise.

The Art of Overwatch is a huge book – its in fact 8 lbs! The book contains all sorts of origin stories about the characters, skins, different chapters cover the heroes of the story, and you can also find promotional art in the book as well.

The 3 versions include:

The Art of Overwatch Limited Edition – Hardcover – October 24th

Overwatch has taken the world by storm, boasting millions of players and gaining critical acclaim...

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The Art Of Sea Of Thieves Book Coming Soon!

Sea Of Thieves isn’t even out yet but already, Dark Horse has started to create and design a really nice art book for the game. The book is going to be called The Art Of Sea Of Thieves. Dark Hose is one of those publishing companies that is sort of known for publishing graphic novels and comic books.

I know a lot of people I talk to STILL do not know what this game is nor have they heard about it! Dude. You’re missing out. Its Pirates! Here’s a little synopsis you can find from Gamers Elite about the game and then hopefully that will get you more excited about the art book!

“Sea of Thieves is a pirate-themed action-adventure cooperative multiplayer game played from a first-person perspective...

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Gamer Crates 20% Off For Halloween

Over the past few years, these subscription crate sites have become the norm – some of them are amazing, some of them… not so much.  For me?  I am always looking for a deal.  Whether its for video games, a new Xbox One controller or even a new site to get loot boxes on.  Gamer Crates has a really great sale going on right now.  You can get 20% off until October 31st.  

Gamer Crates has had all kinds of really cool crates in the past.  Some of them were brand related, while others were gaming related like Black Ops 3, Zombies, Fallout 4, etc.

They have 2 primary types of crates – Gamer Crates and Snack Crates.

For the Gamer Crates you choose the plan you want, the subscription pack you want, t-shirt size, etc...

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Funko Pop Disney Ducktales Figures

As a kid, I spent many a mornings on the weekends and after school watching Ducktales. It was just one of those really cute and fun shows I loved to watch – and was allowed to watch. These days, it seems like kids are allowed to watch and play whatever they want, but I was limited to a certain amount of TV and TV shows so this was one I chose, and really have a lot of memories from watching. If you used to watch the TV show when you were a kid or you’ve enjoyed any of the “media” they have put out since (like the remastered Ducktales game!) then you will probably enjoy the fact that there is also the ability to purchase Funko Pop Disney Ducktales Figures. These cutesy little figures come in; Scrooge, Huey, Webbigail, Louie, Dewey, and more...

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Funko Pop! Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Packs Coming Soon

I think just about everyone has ONE Funko Pop! sitting in their game room or living room – or for you weirdos, the bathroom. These little figures are really cool. They come in all sorts of characters – from video games to TV to movies and everything else in between. Because they do come in such a large variety, you can really choose the Funko Pop! figures that mean the most to you and collect those.

Beyond just buying Funko Pop! figures, the newest thing to do is buy Funko Pop! Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Packs. These are really cool and they feature 2 figures per pack. As you guessed it, one is from marvel and the other is from Capcom. These Funko Pop! Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Packs are ALL on pre-order...

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More Artifex Mundi Games Announced For Consoles

So its pretty well-established that I like puzzle games, FPS and driving games, as well as board games! But, I also have a special love for hidden object games. Back in the day I downloaded and bought all sorts of hidden object games.  My favorites were those Big City games where the family would go to all these different countries and you had to find certain objects within the world. It was fun, it passed the time, the graphics were pretty nice and they had a lot of side games where you could interact with the world you were playing in.

Ever since I got an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One I had been searching for the same genre to play on my console. To say the genre is small on consoles, is the understatement of the year. Hardly ANYONE out there has a good hidden object game for consoles.

That ...

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Video Game Welcome Mats

Its funny the way video games have come into people’s lives and how they infringe on everything we do, are, and the way we live. Video game welcome mats for example; who knew this was even a thing? And yet there are thousands of products out there that feature video game titles, characters, far off lands, and quotes on welcome mats! If you’re looking for cool video game welcome mats, this is the article for you. I also slipped in a few bath mats as well.

Choose Your Weapon Gaming

It says this one can be used as a welcome mat or in the house. It has a black background and in white it says Choose Your Weapon and then pictures a bunch of controllers for different gaming systems.

Legend of Zelda Video Game Welcome Mats

This one is kind of cool and I can see where it would be popular consider...

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Vikings Season 5 Coming Soon!

I had never heard of this show until my little cousin introduced it to me last year, and we both binge watched all the seasons – me for the first time and him for the 3rd time. What can I say, that kid likes Vikings!  I mean, hello, we went to the Ren Festival and he went dressed as Loki for God’s sake.  I remember watching all the seasons with him.

He brought over a huge “ale” container for me and one of those Biking Horns you can drink out of for himself.  Yea.  We really got into it!  Vikings Season 5 is coming very soon. The new release date for Vikings Season 5 is November 29th 2017 on the History channel.  I am SUPER pumped!

When Vikings Season 5 comes back it will feature 20 brand new episodes and I absolutely cannot wait! I know Gamers Elite is primarily a video game blog, bu...

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Titanfall 2 – Vanguard Collector’s Edition

I know that Titanfall 2 came out awhile ago – I bought it myself. But, as I was looking trough amazon today I saw something cool that I did not see before, hence why this is going under the cool things I like category! Its a helmet replica with a whole bunch of other cool things. It doesn’t come with the game, but I actually like that better because I already have it! While it does come with a bunch of other things, I am specifically interested in the helmet because its all one piece, its supposed to be made really well, and its wearable. Here are all the things it comes with.

Titanfall 2 Vanguard Pilot Helmet Replica: The iconic Titanfall Pilot helmet has been brought to life in this 1:1 full scale replica...

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Destiny 2 Loot From Energy Drinks

I hate to be the one to say it, but I love energy drinks. They don’t really give me energy per se. But, I do love the taste of them; specifically Rockstar PUNCHED. Its by far my favorite. So when I heard about the fact that Destiny 2 loot via Rockstar Energy I was pretty excited. I also would like to check out the Pop tarts Double XP, but have not gotten around to it yet.

According to Bungie, these Destiny 2 loot tabs will give you all sorts if in-game items.

For a limited time, the tabs on special Destiny 2 Titan, Warlock, or Hunter cans contain codes you can redeem in the game. Redeeming a code gets you an Engram (confirmed as Blue Engrams, for the time being at least) to a maximum of three per week. Rockstar says there will be 24 in total, with the promotion ending on March 1, 2018.

I g...

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