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Game Informer Cover – Call Of Duty WW2

For many years I have received a Game Informer. ((Game Informer (GI) is an American monthly video game magazine featuring articles, news, strategy, and reviews of video games and associated consoles. It debuted in August 1991 when FuncoLand started publishing a six-page magazine.))  Its a great way, as a consumer, and a blogger, to stay up to date with new games coming out, ratings and reviews, and more.   For instance, in this particular magazine, #293 you have all sorts of featurettes like a lot of the blogs on Gamers Elite.

Well, you know that old saying, you only get one first impressio...

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Are Call of Duty Zombies Getting Old?

Call Of Duty has been doing Call of Duty Zombies for as long as I can remember. For some people, usually the ones that don’t like Zombies or don’t play this part of the game, they think the whole Zombies “thing” is getting old and stale. For those of us that do play it and have continually played it, we love it.

Or at least I do anyway!

So far, I believe 6 games put out Call of Duty Zombies:

Advanced Warfare
Black Ops
Black Ops 2
Black Ops 3
Infinite Warfare

To me, every single game has the same base goal – kill the zombies, but every map/game looks different, has its own Easter eggs, has its own details and more.

To top it off, they tend to go with the game and the aspects of the game...

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Amazon Prime Discounts! – For Students and More…

Right now, just in time for kids and youngsters going back to school, Amazon Prime is having a special.  There are also a few other Amazon Prime membership specials as well so keep on reading!

Amazon Prime for Students

Well, we’ve been down this road before.  You all know how much I love Amazon Prime and my membership!  Usually the Amazon Prime Student Edition is for 30 days.  But they are having a special right now just in time for school.  Its a FREE trial for 6 months!  Pretty awesome!  The link to sing up is below.

Prime Student – 6-month trial

If you use the link above and get your 6 month trial as a student, when your 6 months is up you then have a chance of getting 50% off your membership!  That is an insane offer so definitely consider checking that out!

EBT Card Holders


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Cool Fallout Board Games

As I have said many times before on Gamers Elite, there are certain games that have amassed a huge following, and Fallout is one of those games.  Since the game was first released with “Fallout” on September 30, 1997, millions of people have played the game.  If you are NOT familiar with the series, you definitely need to check it out.  As I have said many times before on Gamers Elite, there are certain games that have amassed a huge following, and this is one of those games.  Since the game was first released with “Fallout” on September 30, 1997, millions of people have played the game.  If you are NOT familiar with the series, you definitely need to check it out.

There have been 5 main games:

1.1 Fallout (1997)
1.2 Fallout 2 (1998)
1.3 Fallout 3 (2008)
1.4 Fallout: New Vegas (2010)

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Forza Motorsport 7 – Week 4 Car Announcement List

Every week Forza Motorsport 7 is letting you get a sneak peek at the cars that will be available in Forza Motorsport 7. There are OVER 700 cars that will be in the game so needless to say these lists are quite long.

If you don’t see the car you like, just hold on! The game is not coming out until 9/29 so we still have a few car lists that are going to be coming out.

Also, just because they don’t have your car you love, doesn’t mean you can’t find another one you love equally as much!

You can view the other articles (and cars) on Gamers Elite here:

Forza Motorsport 7 – Pre-Order Information

Forza Motorsport 7 Car List

This is week 4’s car list!  I cannot wait until week 5 because these lists just keep getting better and better...

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Best Star Wars Books Part 1

If you like reading and you like books, why not read Star Wars books? There are only like 100,000 books out there you can read on the topic! Admittedly, Star Wars is and always has been a huge “genre.” Yea. I’m going to give it its own genre because its that big! Star Wars is just one of those topics that will probably never go away; from TV shows to movies to books to comics hell, they even have Star Wars themed decor for your home if you are so inclined to buy it!

Books are not only a great way to keep your mind sharp and your brain healthy, but these books are fun too. In this blog we will only be covering actual books, not comics and graphic novels, but Ill include some links if you are interesated in those as well.

Star Wars: Darth Plagueis (Star Wars – Legends) 

James Luceno is the...

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Like Titanfall? Check This Spin Off Out!

Titanfall and Titanfall 2 are 2 very popular games. Even years after the first one got released people were still playing the original because its fun, fast paced, and it honestly never gets old. Titanfall 2 was released on October 28, 2016 and people are also still playing the heck out of this game. One of the 2 biggest reasons why; its VERY fun and Respawn is still keeping up with the game. They are constantly adding new mechs, they are always doing special events like double XP, and its continually updated to make sure the game(s) run smooth.

If you have and love the TF series, you definitely need to check out a spin off from Respawn called Titanfall Assault. This will, as I understand it, only be available on IOS...

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Is The Xbox One X Really “Worth” It?

Since the Xbox One X was first announced at E3 2017, the line has been drawn in the sand, so to speak, and you are either on one side of it – or the other.

On one side, you have the people that love their Xbox’s. They think its an amazing piece of technology, maybe a tad high, but its worth it because of all the features and the 4K.

On the other side, well, you have the Xbox haters, the Xbox lovers that think the Xbox is too grandiose and way too expensive, or you just have the people that could care less.

So what I wanted to do was do a little fun run on how much it would cost IF you created a PC with the same features and same performance as the Xbox One X to find out, truthfully, how much it would cost.

Will it cost more than an Xbox One X? Or are you actually saving money by buying the...

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3 Racing Games Coming Out In 2017 You Don’t Know About

One of the things I really love about racing games is the fact that they are all different and all cater to different people. Need For Speed, for instance, is known for death defying physics, drifting, and the ability to crash into other cars or police cars. Forza Motorsport, for me, is more about the rigid structure of a real race – staying between the lines, not going off the track – I find it to be more serious when it comes to gaming revolving around cars. But if you think Need For Speed and Forza Motorsport are the only driving and racing games, you are sadly mistaken!

In fact, there are a ton of racing games coming out in 2017, but there are 3 you might not be aware of...

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Need For Speed Payback 2017 Car List So Far

One of the biggest things that people automatically want to know about a Need For Speed game let alone Need For Speed Payback is what cars will be included. Well, actually, I guess this goes for ANY racing or car game. These are after all, the vehicles you will be driving 99.9999% of the time while on the road or even in your garage. For a lot of people driving these cars and the importance of them deals with 3 things.

1- Fantasy: Have a favorite car? Is it like $500,000 and there is no chance you will ever own one? Well thankfully in game they cost significantly less – hell, buy one in every color! Cars give us the ability to own a car we love or always wanted and you don’t need real money and you don’t need a real garage! I am still praying for the 67 Shelby gt500 to show up in Need For...

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