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Xbox One Season Pass Sale

While I almost always buy the season passes for the games I love the most, a lot of people actually do not. Instead, they wait for their Xbox One season pass to go on sale. Hey, I don’t blame ya! You buy the game for $50 to $60, then you have to pay an additional $50 for the Xbox One Season pass? Jeez. It can get expensive to be a gamer! That’s why this entry is dedicated to all those people looking for discount Xbox One season pass packages. All of these are on sale right now. I cannot say how long they will be on sale for though, so get them while you can!

Some of these are NOT the Xbox One season pass, instead its deluxe content – which includes the base game AND the season pass.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition – Xbox One Season Pass Edition
50% off

The Walking Dead: The Tel...

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GTA 5 Event For The 4th of July

As per usual, GTA 5 is going to be having yet another event for 4th of July. I am a little late because my back went out ha but YOU are not late – you can still get all these cool items for GTA 5.  They tend to do this for most of the Holidays these days; from Halloween masks, to ugly Christmas sweaters, heck they even did one for Valentine’s day.

This one for the 4th of July has not only added a bunch of new content in the game and events, but some cool new weapons and clothing items as well, so definitely take a look at it all.  Remember; most ALL of the stuff you get in these events you can keep for as long as you want.  I still have my stuff from a few years ago when I first bought the game when it first came out!

June 30 – July 10, 2017: Independence Day and More for GTA 5


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Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare New DLC Coming Soon

If you like the Call of Duty Series as much as I do and you own and play Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare then you would probably like to know that another new DLC is coming soon. Of course its coming to Playstation Players first before Xbox One players, but still, nonetheless, Xbox One players can still get to know the map before they get to play it later on down the line!

The new DLC for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is going to be the 3rd one released and it will be available on July 6th for PlayStation 4. That means that we Xbox Players will most likely receive it on August 6th a month later.

The name of the Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare DLC is going to be called Absolution...

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No DLC For Mass Effect Andromeda

If you love the Mass Effect series and you purchased Mass Effect Andromeda, you should be aware that unlike with the other games in the series, this one will have NO DLC or expansions available for single player.

I mean a lot of people really loved Mass Effect Andromeda and had some good things to say about it. While others (even those that were fans) had some critical things to say about the game; namely the graphics. It was still a good game, but overall in terms of the reviews, it really didn’t do that well, unfortunately.

In fact, Meta Critic, Destructoid, EGM, GameSpot, and IGN all rated the game very low. The highest the game got was from PC gamer which rated it an 80 out of 100 and Meta Critic Xbox One which gave it a 76 out of 100.

Another reason why the game might not be getting a...

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Modern Warfare Remastered Confirmed For Standalone Purchase

I remember when Infinite Warfare first was announced – people were incredibly pissed off that it was yet another futuristic game, but what they were even more pissed off about was the fact that their beloved Modern Warfare Remastered and the ONLY way they could get it was if they also bought Infinite Warfare.

I can tell you now, as a person that has been involved in many businesses and platforms, people don’t like to be told they HAVE to do something. People like options! I don’t blame them. For me, personally, I could have cared less about Modern Warfare, but I bought the Legacy Edition for Infinite Warfare because they made it sound like this was the ONLY way you could ever get Modern Warfare Remastered...

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Death of The Outsider – Pre-Order Information

Bethesda has said that yes, there will be an expansion – more of a standalone game, to be honest, called Death of The Outsider. A lot of people that have played Dishonored were a little disappointed by the game itself but they said that the DLCs were what made the games because they were so good. Here’s to hoping the expansion will be more like the DLCs than the regular game and that they bring something new and exciting to the table.  The price for the standard edition is pretty inexpensive so if you liked the DLC or even the game for Dishonored, this might be a good option to add to your gaming arsenal.

“Take on the role of Billie Lurk (aka Megan Foster), once one of Dunwall’s most notorious killers-for-hire...

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Steep – Expansion Pass – Pre-Order Information

For some reason, I hate all those NFL, NHL, NBA games ha (sorry guys!), but I have always loved the skateboarding and snowboarding games. I remember always playing the Tony Hawk series on my Playstation and absolutely loving it – even without the hacks! On my Xbox 360, I absolutely loved SSX, Stoked, and Amped. Man, who can forget Amped! When E3 was shown back in 2016 I saw Steep and I thought heck yeah I am definitely getting that! Unfortunately, I never got around to it. 2016 was a busy busy busy year with all the games I pre-ordered so I ended up actually making lists. Need Now and Want Later. Steep ended up on the Want Later list but apparently, that has gone on longer than I intended it to!

Steep is still available, of course, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One...

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My Big Pre-Order List!

As per usual, more and more games are coming out the closer we get to E3.  When E3 finally happens, I am pretty sure (as always) I will have a few more games added to the list.  But, these are the ones I have pre-ordered thus far.

Destiny 2

I really loved the first Destiny, so as soon as I heard they were putting a second one out, I reserved it right away.  Are there some things that Destiny 2 needs to change from the first game?  Of course.  But, I think that’s like any game.  Take Need For Speed, for instance, I always loved the series, but the first game is not nearly as good as the last game.  If you love a series you really have to commit to it and stick with it to see change!  I wrote a few other articles about Destiny 2, which you can read here, here, here, and here...

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Call Of Duty Sale Now On Xbox

Xbox Marketplace has some really good sales going on right now for the Call Of Duty franchise.  Most of these are up to a 60% discount.  However, all of the options below are available for a different amount of days in terms of the sale, so make sure you find the ones you want and look at how long you have until the sale is over.  Some are 5 or 6 days, some are 11 – 13 days!  If you like the COD Franchise or there is a specific game or pass you wanted in the past, now is the time to take advantage of the sale.  Also, I left a little about information for each series.

Infinite Warfare:  Infinity Ward, the award-winning studio that helped create the blockbuster Call of Duty franchise, reaches new heights with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare...

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Mafia III Stones Unturned DLC Available Now

I will be honest.  I really love the Mafia series but for some reason when I started to play Mafia 3 when it got released I felt a little let down on the basis of the game.  First off, I personally thought the graphics were crap.  At first anyway.  I then realized that was what they were supposed to look like.  Gritty.  That’s the perfect word to use!  I played the game quite a bit, and one thing I was really happy to see was that they actually TRY to make the game better in terms of gameplay, DLC, updates, etc.  In fact, I think Mafia 3 has become a lot like GTA 5.  GTA 5 is always doing new updates, adding new things to the game to keep it alive – which is probably a good thing considering the next one won’t be out for a few years!

Mafia 3 just recently had a new DLC released (t...

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