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E3 2017 Microsoft Overview

I sit here watching E3 and Microsofts Press Conference, as I have sat here for years, and as always -Mind.  Blown.  So many good things coming to Xbox and Microsoft I honestly cannot wait.  The next year is going to be pretty fantastic.  We have quite a few things on the itinerary.  I’ll try to cover everything!  As these games become available I will, of course, dig deeper into the premise of the games, trailers, images and pre-order information!  But, for now:

First and foremost, there will be another BRAND NEW Xbox One coming out called Xbox One X. Its supposed to be the most powerful, fastest and yet the smallest Xbox ever made. Its the newest 4K Xbox and it will be arriving on November 7th 2017 for $499.

It will ship with 6 Teraflops of graphical power...

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E3 2017 – Microsoft / Bethesda

Also, don’t forget the Microsoft and Bethesda E3 Press Conferences are today.  Schedule is as follows:

Xbox / Microsoft – 2pm PDT, 5pm EST, 10pm BST

Anticipate all the inside information on the Xbox Scorpio, news on previously-announced games like Crackdown 3 (finally!) and Sea of Thieves plus no doubt more Windows 10 gaming stuff.  I honestly cannot wait to hear about Crackdown 3!

Bethesda – 7pm PDT, 10pm EST, 3am BST

Bethesda has hinted that they will feature 2 new games at their press conference. With Prey and Dishonored out, the organization certainly must be gearing up to show off some new games besides the ones we expected.

You can, thankfully, watch the Press Conferences for these and all of the others on Youtube, as well as Xbox.

Yesterday’s Press Conference for EA can be fou...

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E3 2017 Need For Speed Payback

If you have never played a racing video game before like Need For Speed Payback you might not be aware that there are different types. The 3 most commonly used terms are; Arcade Style, Racing Sims, and Kart Racing.

Arcade-style racing games put fun and a fast-paced experience above all else, as cars usually compete in unique ways. A key feature of arcade-style racers that specifically distinguishes them from simulation racers is their far more liberal physics. Whereas in real racing (and subsequently, the simulation equivalents) the driver must reduce their speed significantly to take most turns, arcade-style racing games generally encourage the player to “powerslide” the car to allow the player to keep up their speed by drifting through a turn.

Simulation style racing games strive to conv...

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E3 2017 – All Of The EA Press Conference Videos

Well, as I expected, EA put out a hell of a press conference. Not only did they showcase some of the things I had hoped for, but more stuff that I didn’t even expect. While they only had one hour to show us all of their previews and reveals they still got through quite a lot of presentations. Here are all of the ones that were shown at the E3 Press Conference Enjoy if you missed it!

New Bioware IP: Anthem

Star Wars Battlefront II E3 Press Conference

A Way Out

Need for Speed: Payback E3 Press Conference

Battlefield 1


NBA Live 18 E3 Press Conference

Madden 18

I know I am supposed to be excited about them all, but damn, I cannot wait for Need For Speed.  It looks so cool...

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My Big Pre-Order List!

As per usual, more and more games are coming out the closer we get to E3.  When E3 finally happens, I am pretty sure (as always) I will have a few more games added to the list.  But, these are the ones I have pre-ordered thus far.

Destiny 2

I really loved the first Destiny, so as soon as I heard they were putting a second one out, I reserved it right away.  Are there some things that Destiny 2 needs to change from the first game?  Of course.  But, I think that’s like any game.  Take Need For Speed, for instance, I always loved the series, but the first game is not nearly as good as the last game.  If you love a series you really have to commit to it and stick with it to see change!  I wrote a few other articles about Destiny 2, which you can read here, here, here, and here...

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FIFA 18 Announced – Edition Information

EA just recently announced that Fifa 18 will be coming to Xbox.  No word has mentioned Playstation 4, but I honestly cannot see why it would NOT be released on next gen consoles considering all the other FIFA games were available on both Xbox and Playstation.

As with the previous Fifa games, Fifa 18 will be using the Frostbite Engine. It will also feature Cristiano Ronaldo. Not only is he the cover guy for the game, but the actual gave itself will revolve around Cristiano Ronaldo as well.

There will be 3 different editions of the game; Standard, Cristiano Ronaldo edition, and an ICON edition.

You can see the trailer below. As of right now you cannot pre-order but as soon as you can, come back to Gamers Elite for more information.

Users who pre-order the Standard Edition will get:
Base G...

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PlayStation 4 Price Cut – Big Discount!

Every single year before E3 comes many of the gaming developers and console companies put their products on sale and give consumers such as yourself a big break. Sony is no different. In fact, for their E3 event, they are planning on dropping prices for their PlayStation 4 Slim and Gold Edition. The original price is set at $300 but the discount price will be $250. Pretty nice! Maybe this is the time people such as myself will consider buying a cutting edge piece of technology!

Sony has also said that besides the actual console, they will be having lots of sales and discounts on accessories, software, and games, so this is definitely something to look out for.

Sales for the PlayStation 4 Slim will be available from June 9th until June 17th so you have plenty of time to cash in on the dis...

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The Best PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games

Lets be honest. I love my Xbox One. But, over the years there have been an increasing amount of games on PlayStation that really made me want a PlayStation. In fact, down the line, I probably WILL get a PlayStation 4 because I see a lot of games that have great stories behind them, fantastic graphics, or its just been a series I have been following for awhile. Before I ever even owned an Xbox, I was a Nintendo and Sony girl. I only actually settled into Xbox One because there were a few games, at the time, that I wanted more for Xbox One than PlayStation. The games listed below are ALL PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games. Games I want, games I love, games YOU love! If I miss one or two, let me know in the comments below.

The Order 1886

Okay, so I know that The Order didn’t get as much love that ...

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Destiny 1 To Not Receive Anymore Updates

Since the arrival of Destiny 2 will be coming soon, Bungie has said that they will no longer add any more updates to the first Destiny. Frankly, I’m okay with this! Focus all your attention on 2 so you can make sure its the best it can be! However, that doesn’t mean that Destiny 1 is all but forgotten. The game will still be supported and services will still be offered even after 2 comes out. Good thing too because I know a lot of people that are still going through Destiny 1. It would be a shame to just forget about their baby and move on to 2 entirely.

Bungie has been quoted in saying that once 2 comes out, the community can expect a new cycle of updates. Hopefully, the updates coincide with all of the feedback the community gave about 1.

Destiny 2 comes out in September for PC, Xbox...

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Sony E3 Briefing Set To Take Place In Theaters

If you’ve been watching E3 for a while now you know that Sony has been putting their company’s briefing in Movie Theaters across the country for the past few years. 2017 E3 is no different. Sony will be briefing on June 12 and tickets to around 90 movie theaters across the USA, Latin America, AND Canada will be showing the briefing in their movie theaters.

When you go to a briefing in the Theater you get some cool stuff but its nothing to write home about, to be honest. However, seeing it on a HUGE screen is kind of cool!

In the US and Canada, you can get your tickets for free at Starting May 30th. However, remember that just because you have a ticket doesn’t mean you will automatically get in. You have to get their early to get an actual seat.

The Playstation ...

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