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Giveaway Winners Update Now Available!

Wow, that was a great 2 weeks! The giveaway had over 490 entries!  I would have never expected that to be honest! But, I am glad nothing went to waste, including your effort, and my time.

I have already randomly picked the top 3 winners and everyone has been emailed.  Please check the email account you registered with.  The Gamers Elite email address is:

If I do not hear back from you 3 winners by Wednesday I will contact you via your Social Accounts.

Thanks to everyone that entered.  At least now I know people are interested and I will definitely have more in the very near future.

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Gamers Elite Giveaway Available NOW!

A few days ago Gamers Elite made a post for winning a controller.  The ability to enter to win is now available.  There are only 4 main requirements:
1- You have to be 18 or older
2- You have to live in the USA
3- It has to be a controller for the Switch, Xbox One, PC, PS4, etc.
4- It cannot exceed $80.
For those of you without an Xbox One or another next gen console – that’s okay!  I can also do PS3 and Xbox 360.
You can view the Gamers Elite giveaway on this page:
The giveaway will be available for 2 weeks.
Simply enter the giveaway with your Facebook login or your email
Next, you can do one or all of the actions.  Obviously the more actions you do, the more points you get...
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Gamers Elite Giveaway – Starting November 13th – Win A Controller

UPDATE:  I honestly did not think Gamers Elite would have almost 200 people entering the giveaway, and there are still 11 days left.  Thanks so much guys!  Because of this, I want to also offer a 2nd and 3rd prize as well!  Tell your friends, tell your family, shout it from the rooftops!  Its official!

2nd Prize Winner:  Grips for your thumbsticks (example: Retail value: $20

3rd Prize Winner:  A funko-pop figure of your choosing.  Retail value $10-15.

I have been wanting to do a giveaway on Gamers Elite for months.  Well, now is the time!  At first I wanted to do just an Xbox One Controller giveaway but I know that everyone plays something different.  So instead you can win at random a controller of your choice for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, etc...

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