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Injustice 2 Demo Now Available To Play! + 50% off!

While some of the demos on Xbox One are available to play anytime but for only an hour or 2, Injustice 2 is allowing you to play unlimited time, but only between December 15th, today and December 18th.

To top it off, the game will also be discounted by 50% between these days.

As far as I know the discount is ONLY on but here are the links:

ALL 3 editions are 50% off!

Injustice 2 Standard Edition 50% off 

Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition – 50% Off

Injustice 2 Deluxe Edition – 50% Off

Standard Edition: Just the game

Deluxe Edition: Access to 3 new fighters, Exclusive gear shader usable on multiple characters and Premiere skin for a specific character.

Ultimate Edition: The Ultimate Edition comes in a steel book case, The Ultimate Edition includes 9 additional DLC characters and 3 addit...

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Conan Exiles Collector’s Edition Coming In 2018

Conan Exiles has been in the Game Preview program for the past 9 months, but in May it will finally be coming out of the program. While they plan on releasing a full version – both digital and physical, they will also have a collectors edition for Conan Exiles.

While some games have collector’s editions and just add items like a steelbook or a figurine, Conan Exiles plans on having that and more content added to the game itself.

Here is the latest trailer for the game – at the end you can see the note of the collector’s edition

The collector’s edition will include both physical and digital items as well and you can find those items below as listed by the dev:

Figurine: 15 cm / 6 inch Conan the Barbarian polyresin figurine, modeled after Conan from the Conan Exiles cinematic trailer


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Ghost Recon Wildlands – Ubi Confirms Predator Release

A couple of days ago Ubi left out a trailer that was pretty vague for Ghost Recon Wildlands. The rumor was is that the video was “teasing” the idea of The Predator. You can check that video out below to see what I mean.

Last night they actually confirmed it; Ghost Recon Wildlands will be having a Predator special. The event, which started last night will bring in new weapons, new gear, and stealth abilities.

“From December 14 through early January, the Predator will bring its unique skills to a special challenge that sees players (solo or with up to four players in co-op) hunting the creature—and be hunted in return...

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Reminder: Sea Of Thieves Beta Starts Today!

Just a friendly reminder that the Sea Of Thieves Beta starts today!

“According to the developer, you will be playing the Sea Of Thieves beta from Friday, December 15th until Wednesday, December 20th. That’s a good amount of time to get your sea legs ready for the real game and really feel it out to decide if you want to pre-order it. While not ALL games have betas, I think they should.”

This is a really great way for us, the players to get a feel for the game and what its all about!

If you lost out on registering for the beta, you might still be able to register, but don’t quote me on that!  Though this is considered the Alpha, according to the developer, so there should be a beta-beta before the actual game comes out.

The email for the beta also stated:

You’re now part of an exclusive...

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The Highest Rated Games For 2017

Looking back at 2017 I can name a lot of games I pre-ordered and loved. But, what I think doesnt matter! It matters what you think and what your peers think, but also how sites like GameSpot, IGN and MetaCritic rated these games. So lets take a look at the highest rated games for 2017! I can tell you ahead of time; the variety is crazy, from FPS to sports to racing and everything else in ebwteen.

Call Of Duty WW2
Released November 3rd 2017
For Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Madden NFL 2018
Released August 22nd 2017
For Xbox One and PS4

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus
Released October 27th 2017
For Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch!

F1 2017
Released August 24th 2017
For Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Sonic Mania
Released August 15th 2017
For Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch

Released August 15t...

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World Of Tanks – 12 Days Of Tanksmas

It brings me great joy to tell you that World Of Tanks is also doing a Christmas event. I absolutely love this game. I mean who doesn’t love driving around in a tank and blowing stuff up! While the GOW Event is called Gearsmas the World Of Tanks event is called Tanksmas – very fitting! They are doing a 12-day event.

Starting yesterday and for the next 12 days everytime you log into the game and complete a challenge you will get a special reward!

However, as per usual, there are some parameters; First off you have to complete the challenge in MP and second off, you have to do the challenge with a Tier 3 tank or higher.

So this might not technically be good for someone just starting out because they might not have a Tier 3 Tank but you can pretty easily earn one just by playing a few games...

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Update Available Now

Assassin’s Creed Origins has added a new patch update which brings forward a lot of new features such as Nightmare Mode Difficulty and a new Horde Mode for the Arena.

Here is the official Assassin’s Creed Origins video for the Horde Mode:

As per usual there is a whole slew of fixes and improvements to Assassin’s Creed Origins which you can find below:

Assassin’s Creed Origins Patch 1.1.0

Patch Sizes Assassin’s Creed Origins

PS4: ~3GB
Xbox: ~3GB
PC: 2.7Gb on Uplay | 1.2Gb on Steam

Added a new “Nightmare” difficulty mode
Added an NPC scaling option, “Enemy Auto-Level”, that makes enemies’ level scale up to player’s level
Please note: Enemy levels will only scale up to player level, they will not scale down

Added a new “Horde Mode” to the Arena
[PC] Added support for HDR dis...

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Review Roundup For PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released (officially) yesterday and most people already have their hands on it, there are some reviews available. I am going to keep my review of the game until sometime next week because I am still getting used to the controls and want to navigate the game a little more before making a final decision on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

In the meantime, and this will be updated as things move along, here are a few reviews from both critics and players of the game. Note: A lot of people are still playing and are not giving away “scores” just yet, these are simply content reviews.

Metro UK

PUBG is one of the best multiplayer experiences of the generation, and as technically flawed as this Xbox One version currently is that fact still shines through...

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Sea Of Thieves Beta Invites Sent Out!

Late last night, I received my official beta invite to Sea Of Thieves so make sure you check your email because you probably got yours as well!

According to the developer, you will be playing the Sea Of Thieves beta from Friday, December 15th until Wednesday, December 20th. That’s a good amount of time to get your sea legs ready for the real game and really feel it out to decide if you want to pre-order it. While not ALL games have betas, I think they should.

On Xbox One in order to download your Sea Of Thieves beta, you will need to access the Insiders Hub (app).

Please note you will not get a code to download the game; access is linked to your gamertag so the title will simply appear in the Insider Hub. You can follow the steps below to get everything installed now:
On your Xbox One, he...

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Killing Floor 2 – Krampus Christmas Update

While a lot of other games are doing a fun Christmas update, you can’t exactly expect the same thing for Killing Floor 2. In fact, this one does not revolve around cute little Santa’s Elves or Christmas lights and snow, but it does revolve around KRAMPUS.

It’s so fitting for a game like Killing Floor 2 though!

“The weather outside is frightful, but that’s nothing compared to what’s inside!Krampus, beast king of the dark side of Christmas, has taken Santa’s Elves captive, stolen the Naughty List, and claimed Christmas for himself! Santa needs an elite strike team to infiltrate the Krampus Lair and shut down his operation for good. Time to deck the halls with… well, let’s just say the holly berries aren’t the only red decorations this year. And that’s not tinsel.”

You can see ...

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