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When is QuakeCon 2017?

I was just talking to a few people about how these gaming events change the way we live, the games we buy, the series we get interested in, etc. Have it be E3, GamesCon, or QuakeCon 2017 its also important to be in the “know” in terms of when these events are happening. If you’ve never heard of QuakeCon I found that a little surprising since its been around since 1996, but if you haven’t, that’s okay, that’s why sites like Gamers Elite exist to give you information you might not be aware of. Below we will be talking about what QuakeCon 2017 is, when it will be, where its being held, and the special events that will be available at this event...

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EA Gamescom Announcements

If you happened to miss the EA Gamescom show or you just want a simple recap without having to watch it in video, here are the top announcements you probably want to know about!

Fifa 18

FIFA 18 has a brand new trailer. Its pretty much the same game as all the other ones, but a few new features, some awesome graphics and the game itself is pretty awesome.

You can also see the article about FIFA 18 on Gamers Elite here:

FIFA 18 – Pre-Order Information

FIFA 18 Announced – Edition Information

E3 2017 – All Of The EA Press Conference Videos

Star Wars Battlefront 2

EA Gamescom also announced that there will be a new mode on the game called Space Assault, you can see that trailer here:

Need For Speed Payback

Next, EA Gamescom showed off one of my favorite series, Need For Speed...

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Battlefield 1 New Mode Alpha Test

Dice recently surprised us with news of a new mode in Battlefield 1. The mode is called Incursions. Its supposed to be a competitive type mode, but only certain people will be able to try it out soon – for the beta of course.

Incursions is a mode that has 5×5 players, its considered to be a very fast and strategic mode ie; you can’t just go in there runnin’ and gunnin’, you have to put some forethought into the game. According to Dice vehicles will be able to be used in the new mode, however, from what it sounds like, they will not be as prevalent as they are in the regular modes with vehicles.

DICE thinks Incursions to be especially fun to watch. This will be accomplished in part through modifications to the scoring system “where every point matters...

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Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility News

Back at E3 in 2017 Microsoft announced that they would finally, after years of people asking about it, be offering a new feature with Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility. Sweet! I knew I kept my hundreds of Xbox original games for a reason!

While we have not heard too much about this feature in the past few months, Phil Spencer assures us that it is indeed coming very soon. In fact, he had said that he is hoping that Xbox can start doing something with the project this year. Man, that would be awesome! Here I come, Rainbow Six!

The biggest thing you have to remember about Xbox is that they have the testers program...

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Microsoft Xbox One Press Conference Games Com News

Microsoft Xbox One at Games Com yesterday brought a lot of new details to light, not only about the Xbox One X, but about other news as well. They did announce that you can finally pre-order the console, unfortunately its sold out at a lot of the big name stores already! The Games Com Microsoft conference also showed off a lot of new trailers for upcoming games.

General Games Com Microsoft News

All Xbox One X Enhanced Games; Over 100 Games At Launch–Check out every game that will receive graphical and performance enhancements on Microsoft’s upcoming console.

Xbox One’s New Dashboard Features A Light Mode

New XB One S Bundle Announced With Special Minecraft Design And Controller–A Minecraft Xbox One S bundle is on the way.

XB One X’s Project Scorpio Edition Announced–A limited-edition ve...

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Xbox One X Enhanced Games List (Updated 8/21/2017

Microsoft has mentioned at E3 that they will be releasing games that are enhanced in order to take advantage of the functionalities and capabilities of the Xbox One X. We haven’t really been informed as to how this is going to work.

Is everyone going to be able to buy Crackdown 3 and it just automatically looks better on the Xbox One X? Or will there be a separate edition for Xbox One/Xbox One S and Xbox One X? I guess we will find out more information at Games Com.

In the meantime this is a list collected by Gamers Elite at E3 and Games Com that were mentioned as “enhanced” games, the list is pretty nice so far, so have a look and see what you think!

A Plague Tale: Innocence


ARK: Survival Evolved (Game Preview)


Assassin’s Creed Origins





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The Best Back To School Technology

Whether you are going back to high school or college in the next few weeks, there are some pretty cool back to school technology products that have been released. These might help you do your homework more efficiently, produce amazing reports for school, or perhaps that might even give you a break to take a much needed breather!

Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack

Is this a cheap backpack? No. But the quality that goes into it and the features will make you wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner.

“An ultra-soft, padded laptop compartment deftly protects and carries up to 18″ laptops while still leaving enough room in the main compartment for a gaming console and accessories...

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The Crew 2 Partners With Harley Davidson Motorcycles

The Crew 2, like the first Crew, allows you to drive all over the country on all sorts of vehicles. While originally in The Crew there were just cars, they added other types of cars and finally motorcycles and dirt bikes.

In The Crew 2, as shown in the trailer (below) you will also be able to drive boats and plans in addition to cars and bikes.

“Similar to its predecessor, The Crew 2 is a racing game. In the game, players assume control of a relatively unknown racer, who is trying to work his way to become successful in multiple disciplines. It features a persistent open world environment for racing and free-roaming across a scaled-down recreation of the contiguous United States. In addition to cars, players can also control other kinds of vehicles including planes, motorcycles, and boats...

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Crackdown 3 Release Delayed

Ah! Sad news, guys. The Crackdown 3 release has been delayed. Unfortunate, but true. It was supposed to launch on November 7th and it was also supposed to be available with the Xbox One X release date.

“We’re very excited about Crackdown 3, and so are many fans, and so it’s a difficult call to move the release date. However, we want to make sure to deliver the right game, with the right quality, and at the right time[…]Getting the balance right between the three modes is important, and we are going to take the extra development time to ensure that. Gamers can expect Crackdown 3 in Spring of 2018.”

That was a quote by Shannon Loftis the pub manager for Microsoft Studios.

3 games were initially announced to coincide with the release of the Xbox One X; Crackdown 3, Forza 7 and of course C...

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FAQ For Call Of Duty WW2 Beta

I feel like this should be an ongoing series on Gamers Elite when it comes to betas! So many people ask the same questions and you either have people cussing you out or telling you the wrong thing.  Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Call Of Duty WW2 Beta.  Read it, share it with your friends, put it on your social networking sites.  Hopefully we can get the word out because a lot of people seem really confused, angry and annoyed about the beta!

Is There An Open Beta?

No. You have to pre-order to play the beta. Simple as that, guys.

What If I Hate The Beta?

Damn, what if you hate it? Well I mean, maybe you will. IF you hate the beta:

1- If you order from Gamestop – whether you put $5 for the reserve or $50, play the beta, and hate it, you can go back take the...

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