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The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

Owning a console, is like buying a house. At first you just buy the house itself and then through the months or years of living in it you start to realize all the decor items, furniture, and accessories you need to create livable home. A console is the same way. Can you buy JUST the console? Of course. But, if you want to keep it safe, you might want to buy a case. If you want to play on it using a controller, you need a controller. If you want to charge it you need a charger, etc. This is why I wanted to specifically do a Nintendo Switch accessories article. Below you will find the best rated and most essentially Nintendo Switch accessories for your console.

Deluxe Traveling Cases

Cases are about more than just keeping your Nintendo Switch safe while traveling – these also help you keep g...

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Nintendo Switch Demos Available Now

Nintendo Switch is becoming a very wonderful system to own. At first it didn’t have a lot of games on it when it was first released, but months later, you have dozens of games being released – not only their own exclusive games, but crossovers from other consoles like Doom.

If you’re looking for even more games to possibly add to your collection you should be aware of ALL the Nintendo Switch demo’s that are available right now.

Blaster Master Zero

Blaster Master Zero is a platform video game developed and published by Inti Creates for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. The game is a remake of Sunsoft’s Blaster Master for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and was released worldwide in March 2017.

The game plays similarly to the NES original...

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Nintendo Switch Update – 4.0.0 Patch Notes

Its no big surprise that Nintendo Switch is really trying to stay with the other big dogs in the pack. Xbox One has things like Capture mode – which PS4 just recently over the past few years also enabled. Xbox One and PS4 also gives its users more custom options so its not really just a console, its YOUR console.

With the Nintendo Switch Update 4.0.0 they are starting to add features that Xbox One and PS4 already has, but its the thought that counts, right?

One of the things I think a lot of people are going to like is the Capture option. The Nintendo Switch Update will allow the gamer to capture a video for up to 30 seconds and then save it to your album on the Switch. You can then edit your video, share it to your friends, share it on social sites like Facebook and Twitter and more...

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Nintendo Switch EShop – New Feature

There’s nothing worse than shopping on a website online and it not having proper pages, criteria or features to break your search down.  I remember, for example, when Amazon and eBay first became a thing.  Their whole “search” option was a mess.  Over time though, they have added more options which allows you to really find the products and services you want.

If you’ve ever shopped on the Nintendo Switch EShop you probably noticed the same thing I did – its organized, and yet it seems like there are a few features that are missing. Well, the Nintendo Switch EShop fixed that by adding a new Games On Sale tab.

So far the list is pretty small, but I have a feeling as time goes on we will see more and more games aded to the Nintendo Switch ESho...

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8 New Games Added To Nintendo Switch Eshop

More and more games are being added to the Nintendo Switch eShop. This week 8 new games have been added, but they are all digital games – which seems to be the norm these days! You can find the Nintendo Switch Eshop additions below.

Yono and the Celestial Elephants Nintendo Switch

Elephants are powerful defenders of the world, born from the stars once per millennium. This is the age of Elephant Yono. But Yono is still so very young and in a realm occupied by feudalistic Humans, undead Bonewights and robotic Mekani, it’s not easy to keep one’s trunk out of trouble.  Yono and the Celestial Elephant is an impressive adventure, featuring carefully planned puzzles, treasure hunts, a sprinkling of combat and a world full of people...

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Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con – Back In Stock

Last week Nintendo Switch put out an announcement that they would START offering more supply for your demand. If you noticed that every time you went to purchase a Nintendo Switch, they were sold out, this supply and demand conquest Nintendo is going on, should fix this issue. Nintendo has said that they plan on supplying 2 MILLION more consoles a month and hope to reach a supply of 20 million before the end of 2017.

In light of that, it should be no surprise that once again the Nintendo Switch (with Gray Joy Con) is available and for a pretty great price.

Introducing Nintendo Switch! In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system also enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose...

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Nintendo Switch Online Maintenance – October 11th – 13th

Nintendo Switch will have disruptions during the entire day today. They are scheduling maintenance on the online servers which means if you are playing your Nintendo Switch today, you might have service interruptions.

One of the very first maintenance concerns is for the Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2. Not only will Splatoon 2 be affected, but so will other games and any online play. These are the games and the services, as well as the times you will most likely experience interruptions.

US Pacific Time

Online Play Of Some Games

Thursday, October 12, 5:50 PM – Thursday, October 12, 8:30 PM. “Certain network services” on Switch will be affected.

US Eastern Time

Online Play Of Some Games

Thursday, October 12, 8:50 PM – Thursday, October 12, 11:30 PM...

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The Darkest Dungeon Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Recently Gamers Elite has been talking a lot about ALL the games coming to Nintendo Switch, its like a never ending list that just keeps going on and on! Well, another “new” game was announced to be on the Nintendo Switch just a few days ago; from the creators of Red Hook Studios, The Darkest Dungeon will be coming soon to Nintendo Switch!

Darkest Dungeon is a dungeon crawling video game developed and published by indie game developer Red Hook Studios. The game, following an Early Access development period, was released on January 19, 2016, for Microsoft Windows and OS X, with a release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Linux platforms a few months later. An iOS version has been released in August 2017. A version for the Nintendo Switch has been announced.

I have honestly never hear...

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StarDew Valley For Nintendo Switch – Release Tomorrow

I remember being on Facebook a few years ago and these “farming simulators” were all the rage. I was honestly never interested. I guess I would rather kill things on Xbox One than keep things alive on Facebook hah. But, the genre was one that was loved by millions. So much so, that console developers actually started to get on to the bandwagon and created games such as;

Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns – Nintendo DS
Real Farm
Farming Simulator 17

While the games above specifically deal with farming, there ARE sub-categories like Slime Rancher that deal with farming, but also other aspects. I actually play and like Slime Rancher so I thought I would mention that one as well!

The other very popular farming simulator is StarDew Valley...

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Games Coming Soon For Nintendo Switch

When the Nintendo Switch first came out a lot of people were upset at the amount of games – or lack of games available for the system. A few months ago Gamers Elite wrote a few articles on the fact that Nintendo would be fixing this and a LOT of games would be coming out in 2017.

Already, Nintendo Switch has a whopping 160 some games available. Nice! Its much better than when the system was first released and literally only a handful of games were available. But, Nintendo Switch isnt stopping there. There are also another 50 or so games coming soon ie; are in development but have not been released yet.

Today I would like to go through some of those games so that you can get ready if you have a Nintendo Switch...

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