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VR Editions For Fallout 4, DOOM and Skyrim Dates

During E3, Bethesda stated that they would be putting out VR editions on 3 of their biggest games; Fallout 4, DOOM and Skyrim. If you would love to play these, but you want to know when you will finally get a chance, this is the post you definitely want to read!  All of the images below, link to their corresponding products and the sales page, so click away!

The first edition will be Skyrim VR. That will be coming out on November 17th for Playstation VR. There is also going to be a Skyrim virtual reality edition for the HTC Vive as well, but that will not be coming out until 2018 – at some point!

DOOM comes next, this will be released on December 1st for both the PlayStation 4 VR console as well as the Vive.

Fallout 4 on the other hand is supposed to make its debut on December 12...

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HTC Vive Sale Price!

If you’ve been wanting to get an HTC Vive but the pretty big price tag on it (usually $800) is too much for you, you might be excited to know that the HTC Vive is now on a price drop and available for $599! That’s a whopping $200 off guys! This price gives you almost everything you want in one single bundle.

Everest VR: Experience what it feels like to climb Mount Everest through a sequence of immersive first person locations as you strive to reach the top of the world. Incomparable visual fidelity combined with player agency in a VR journey that feels both real and emotionally stunning.

Richie’s Plank Experience: Are you afraid of heights? Take an elevator to our plank that sits 80 stories high above the ground, then dare to walk to the end! An experience made for first-time VR users...

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The Best PSVR Games Right Now

If you’re just getting into virtual reality, chances are you are either going the PC route or the Playstation Route. Xbox does not have a virtual reality headset as of right now unfortunately but one is supposed to be coming in 2018! In the meantime, PlayStation is becoming more and more popular with virtual reality and they have even started to announce and release a few Playstation Virtual Reality games also called PSVR. I found out that PSVR has about 25 games out right now which is a good number to get you started and they have a good amount of genres available.

PSVR DriveClub
Strap into the driver’s seat to experience the rush of VR racing in the most powerful, high-end cars on the planet...

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What Exactly Is Virtual Reality?

I remember back when I was a kid people said by the time the 2000s were here there would be flying cars and virtual reality. Well, they were right about the virtual reality! But, I don’t see any flying cars anytime soon! Virtual Reality is now becoming more and more mainstream. Not only on PCs like one would expect, but also on consoles and phones as well.

What IS Virtual Reality?

Essentially Virtual Reality can be defined as being fully immersed in a simulated state – it makes you feel like you are in a virtual world instead of the real world. Virtual Reality is a hyper-state that replicates almost all of your sensory experiences such as sight and touch, as well as hearing. Some even say that it can enhance how you smell things, but I wouldn’t exactly go that far… yet...

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