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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games (Updated List January 31st 2018)

If you have an Xbox One like I do, you know that a few years ago in 2015 they started to do a Xbox One backwards compatibility games for Xbox Preview Program users. Then in November 2015 it was made publicly available to everyone. If you don’t know what this is; you’re missing out. I know a lot of people that never even check the free games every month let alone know about the Xbox One backwards compatibility games.

Essentially what this allows you to do is take an old game from Xbox 360 and in turn play it on your Xbox One. Its actually a pretty good idea. It started out pretty slow for awhile there...

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Xbox One Exclusive Games In 2018 To Look Forward To

Even though I love my Xbox I think all of us can agree that we do not have as many Xbox One exclusive games as PS4 or even Switch, especially in 2017. But, I think the ones we do have are pretty fantastic! In 2018 Xbox One is supposed to have more exclusives being released, here are the ones you should be taking a look at.

Sea of Thieves

Awhile back, Sea of Thieves was announced as one of the Xbox One Exclusive. It was announced alongside Skull and Bones – which I am still looking forward to. I had a chance to play in 2 of the betas for Sea of Thieves and its a really fun pirate themed game, but it’s significantly different than Skull and Bones. It has a more cartoonish look to it, but I really like it! You can navigate a ship, fight against other pirates, search for booty and more.


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Xbox One X Enhanced Games List (Updated 11/29)

Microsoft has mentioned at E3 that they will be releasing games that are enhanced in order to take advantage of the functionalities and capabilities of the Xbox One X. We haven’t really been informed as to how this is going to work.

Is everyone going to be able to buy Crackdown 3 and it just automatically looks better on the Xbox One X? Or will there be a separate edition for Xbox One/Xbox One S and Xbox One X? I guess we will find out more information at Games Com.

In the meantime this is a list collected by Gamers Elite at E3 and Games Com that were mentioned as “enhanced” games, the list is pretty nice so far, so have a look and see what you think!

A Plague Tail: Innocence – 4K, 30fps
Anthem – 4K checkerboard, 30FPS, HDR
The Artful Escape
ARK: Survival Evolved – Detail graphics option r...

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Project Cars 2 Demo Available On Xbox

I, as a person that loves cars and driving games, knows that when it comes to racing games in the past – you had very few options available. Even when I was younger and played on my Playstation, you pretty much had Gran Turismo and that was it!

Nowadays though, whether you play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch or another device altogether, you have a lot of different choices available to you. Even better, you have demos coming out for these games all the time so that you can try them before you buy them.

In fact, I wish every game had a demo because then we could try them out and make a better decision when it came to buying them!

I already have Project Cars 2 because it was either a game that was on sale or it came with games with gold...

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Xbox One X Released in 2 Days!

Its almost that time guys and girls – the Xbox One X will be released on November 7th. You still have a few days to pre-order it and have it before everyone else does – and I guarantee you this is going to be a highly-sold system. Just looking on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the BUZZ for the Xbox One X is real and a lot of people have already pre-ordered it.

Xbox One X Pre-Order 1TB Console on Amazon
Xbox One X Pre-Order on Microsoft

Both offer the Xbox One X for $499, both give you free shipping and handling. According to the Microsoft store, however, the device ships on 11/30. Meanwhile on the Amazon store it says it will be released on; November 7, 2017 which is quite obviously the day it comes out

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Xbox One X Enhanced: Titanfall 2

Gamers Elite has already released several games that will be Xbox One X Enhanced. One of the newest games that will be enhanced was announced and its Titanfall 2! I absolutely love this series and I don’t think I play it enough! Respawn answered some of your questions about the Xbox One X Enhanced Titanfall 2 game, so definitely check the Q&A down below.

What specifically is your development team doing to enhance Titanfall 2 for Xbox One X?

We have increased the rendering details and dynamic resolution cap of Titanfall 2 on Xbox One X. This means the game will always output a 4K signal, but dynamically alter the resolution based on GPU load to ensure smooth frame rates...

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Best Sellers List – Xbox One Console

You would think once you saw one Xbox One console you saw them all, but like Sony, Xbox likes to create all these limited edition, themed and bundle products so that you really GET the Xbox One console you want. Maybe its an Xbox One X or an Xbox One S, perhaps you want a game included; Forza Horizon 3, Madden, Minecraft or maybe you want 500Gb or 1TB. Microsoft offers a lot of different options for Xbox One consoles so you can find the one you really want. On today’s best sellers list article I want to do the top 7 best selling Xbox One consoles. The reason I did 7 this time around was because the systems, while they vary in space, are duplicated quite a bit. If you want to check out the ENTIRE list, check this link out.

Xbox One S 500GB Console – Battlefield 1 Bundle

Since this one i...

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Xbox One X – Feel True Power

Before you know it the Xbox One X will finally be released. Because of this, Microsoft is spending millions of dollars to market the heck out of the Xbox One X – and can you blame them?  When Microsoft puts out anything new; have it be a game, a console, an accessory or anything else in between – they treat that product like its their baby.

One video is actually going to be released today on the Xbox YT Channel – at 4PM PT, 7PM ET – the title is Xbox One X – Feel True Power

While the commercial is obviously not out yet, you CAN check the teaser below:

According to Microsoft the video will also be shown again during the season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead and later that night during the football game between New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons during NBC’s Sunday Night Football.


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Cuphead Reaches 1 Million Sales on Xbox One and PC!

Cuphead has been featured at a few of the E3 events, but it was in 2017, that they finally announced that Cuphead would be coming to Xbox One and PC this year. Since its release people have been buying the heck out of it and having a love hate relationship with the game (it is a difficult game to play, super challenging indeed!).

“On the fictional Inkwell Isle, Cuphead and his brother Mugman are two fun-loving kids who live under the watchful eye of Elder Kettle. Against the elder’s warnings, the brothers wander into the Devil’s Casino run by King Dice. When the brothers go on a winning streak, the casino’s manager King Dice calls upon the Devil who raises the stakes. If Cuphead and Mugman can win another time, they would own the entire casino. If not, the Devil would have their souls...

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Xbox Original Backward Compatibility – Still Coming

At E3 one of the things that people (including me!) were really excited about was the fact that Phil Spencer said that they not only would continue working on making more Xbox 360 titles backs compat, but that they were also working on another project for Xbox Original Backward Compatibility.

I knew I kept all those old games for a reason!

Since E3, we haven’t really heard anything more about this though. So is it still in the works? When can we expect it to happen?

According to Phil Spencer, they are still working on this project, and he expects that the Xbox original backward compatibility project will be coming in 2017. WOW. This is what Phil recently said about the Xbox original backward compatibility project:

“We’re close, we’re really close,” Spencer said when asked for the status o...

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