Check Out The Vampyr Developer Diary Here – New Episode

*Edit:  2 more episodes of the Vampyr Diary are now available AND you should see them in the second set of videos below.  (the playlist).

Vampyr is a game that will be coming out sometime this year and I gotta say it, it looks pretty cool! There are tons of games out there that have zombies, which is nice, but I really love these older Vampire (Vampyr) type movies, tv shows, and games. They simply offer something that zombie games cannot.

Plus, uh, hello, it takes place in 1918 and in London! Cant get much more Vampyr than that!

The plot relates how Jonathan Reid, a doctor who has turned into a vampire, comes to terms with his undead condition as he is torn between the Hippocratic Oath and his newfound bloodthirsty nature. The player is under no obligation to kill to finish the game. Dialogue options can be used for hunting prey to feed on, which replenishes strength and levels up the lead character. Weapons and supernatural abilities are employed while combatting enemies. London serves as a fictionalized semi-open world composed of four districts, which can all be destroyed based on the player’s actions.

Vampyr will be coming out for Xbox One, PS4 as well as PC and I know a lot of people who are curious about the game, what it entails and really want to get down to the basis of the game.

Well, now you can. Vampyr developers are putting out a web series that is dedicated to the Vampyr game. The web series is completely free and can be watched right on YouTube. Ill include the links below, but you can watch the first episode of the Vampyr series below.

This is a playlist and it includes trailers, teasers and more:

As of right now, there is only that one episode above, but they plan on putting more out as time goes on.

Dontnod has created the web series that details the title’s development process.

“In most video games, the rule is: you will become the strongest, you must survive, and you must kill. Scarcely do games confront the player about the fact they are killing individuals,” Stephane Beauverger, Vampyr’s narrative director, says. “What fascinates us is to put players at the core of this duality. To say to them, ‘you are the predator, and you will meet people who will share with you their problems, their life, their friends, their worries, their concerns. It is you who will decide to spare them or not.”

Vampyr was supposed to launch in November 2017, but was delayed due to a “technical issue.” The title will launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC this spring.