Cuphead Review By Gamers Elite

I bought Cuphead because I was actually looking forward to this game for awhile now. Don’t get me wrong, I love my CODS and my Battlefields and my Need For Speeds, but sometimes you just yearn for a different type of game, and that game was Cuphead for me. Not to mention that I actually liked the graphics that I saw in trailers and in images.

Challenges In The Game

Is the game easy? Not by any means of the imagination. There were actually a few times I thought to myself, why in the heck did I buy this thing! I’M SO ANGRY! This game is definitely not for people that get angrily easily. The bosses in all the levels are pretty difficult – even the first boss where you are really just trying to still get used to the game. They definitely don;t make it easy on you. In most all of the boss battles you will not only be fighting against other smaller enemies, but the boss himself. This means that you will have to concentrate at the challenge and the task at hand because every single time you go to fight a boss you literally have THREE absorption hits and then the game is over. So while other things are flying at your head like smaller enemies throwing things, bullets and holes in the floor – you also have to worry about the boss; getting to him, beating him and completing your challenge.

Graphics In The Game

I didn’t just buy this game because it was touted by Xbox One to be the best exclusive game of the year. I bought it because I specifically liked the graphics. I like that old-time look, the film graphics are grainy, but the colors are bold and beautiful, very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You have to remember that the game is created using hand drawn cel shading and animation so if you hate those types of graphics, this is not the game for you! I loved it. I thought with the amount of characters you play as and against, in addition to the grainy 30s film graphics, in addition to the charm of the game – that this really IS a fantastic game and I am glad I added it to my own collection. If you like film legends like the old Mickey Mouse cartoons or Betty Boop then you will probably love it.

The World Map + Additional Items In The Game

In the game, thankfully, you are given a world map. The story behind Cuphead, if you don’t already know, is that he essentially gambled against the Devil, and as most characters do, he lost. Its now his responsibility to go around the entire Cuphead world and collect debts for the Devil. Yea, haha, this game might be cutesy at times, but paying debts to the devil is just downright evil. The backstory for me sort of had a Bioshock-y feel to it in that sense. In order to collect these debts Cuphead has to visit the Devils friends – your bosses you have to fight.

While the game does primarily focus on Bosses, there are also a few several and very fun levels where you can sort of just run and gun and kill enemies – all the while you are collecting coins that can be used for weapons and buffs. Farming, however, is out of the question in this game. Another difficult challenge! Coins can only be collected one time so this is simply not a game where you would be able to “cheat” the system to try and get more money. These smaller levels don’t even compare to the larger levels, especially the levels with the bosses, but they add to the game nonetheless.

Different Weapons and “Modes” Of Shooting

One of the guns that you will be using in the game is a handgun. Plain and simple. But this gun has 6 different modes of shooting. For example, one mode allows you to choose a spread shot while another has a charge blast. There are 6 modes of shooting in all. Each of the 6 modes of shooting also has a secondary attack. The attack is tied in with a meter when you kill enemies. The attacks vary as well as the modes of shooting – fireball attacks, short range arrows, etc.

Co-Op For 2 Player Gaming

Cuphead also has co-op which some of you might be glad to hear. However, as one would assume – since this game is hard enough with 1 person, that co=op can kind of mess things up further. My suggestion?

1- Play it by yourself the first time around and then play with a friend
2- Find someone you mesh with super well and someone that actually communicates well with you.

If you play with another person you absolutely don’t want them to be some random – or without a mic. This will take a ton of partnership and coordination to beat the game. But I am betting that IF you can find a good partner the first time around, someone you can be in sync with, this game would still be challenging but even more fun. I played alone so I cant really say for sure, but thinking back to previous games over the years if I had someone I was really in sync with it made the game easier and more fun!

Over all I would grant Cuphead an easy 8.5.

Cuphead – Xbox One/Windows 10 [Digital Code]