Dead Alliance Achivement Issues Now Fixed

Dead Alliance was first released back in August 2017 and while the game itself has had some positive reviews, one of the biggest issues with the game was the achievement glitches. I think this is why on platforms like Steam it DOES have such a low score. On Steam, its considered Mostly Negative even though it has 47 reviews.

“Dead Alliance is a fast-paced, multiplayer first-person zombie shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world, where former military bases have been turned into the only remaining city-states. Build your squad and take strategic control of bases across maps infected with zombies, using the dead themselves as weapons against your opposing faction.

Armed with a variety of loadouts that range from guns to pheromone grenades, you’ll face off against enemy armies and gruesome, human-eating killers – all while attempting to capture and control as many bases as possible. The world is a wasteland, and your only hope for survival is to use the dead…or join them.”

It’s a shame because when I first saw this game I thought it looked like a lot of fun and I thought they would do well considering people LOVE zombies. Unfortunately, after the release it sort of went downhill.

Another big complaint for the game was that Dead Alliance released version vs the beat version is uh, the same game. One person said that it seems like they didn’t change, add or improve anything nor did they take users feedback from the beta. They just took Dead Alliance from the beta and moved it to release without actually changing anything.

Others rated it well, but complained about the achievements, complained about no players being in the games they were playing in, and that it’s slow to respond.

Another kind of surprising thing I noticed from the Dead Alliance website is that they haven’t even posted a blog since, like, October 2017. They didn’t even bother to post the patch notes on their blog or the website, instead, they posted it on the Dead Alliance Twitter account. And they didn’t even post actual content in terms of words, just an image like the one you see below with the patch notes.

Seems kind of lazy.

If you have the game and one of your reasons for not liking the game revolved around the achievements issues, you should know that they have been fixed.

According to the developers a LOT of other issues have also been patched.