Dead Exit Achievement List Revealed

If you like zombie games and you like card games, you should definitely check out a game called Dead Exit.

“The city is plagued, but maybe you can still rescue a couple of people and get the hell out of here. You require substance, gas, a vehicle, and some survivors. That’s a lot to ask when the city is crawling with dead.

Dead Exit is a card game that acts out the brutal nature of surviving in a zombie apocalypse and knowing when to cut your losses and run. Control your base and make good use of resources and survivors. Many will die, but don’t make their sacrifices vain. Play to survive on your own, or online with up to 8 players. Make alliances, but be wary because any of them could stab you in the back at the worst possible moment.”

Main Features:
Every card has multiple tactical options!
Hordes of synergy with a 3 action turn system!
Local and Online multiplayer for up to 8 players!
Make and break alliances at any time. Betray at your leisure. All’s fair in undead survival.
Customizable solitaire for a casual undead hunt or an impossible multi base death trap!

According to the companies website, Dead Exit is available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

You can check the video out below:

There are 36 achievements for the game which equal out to 1,000 gamer score.

There are 36 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret:

Name Description Gamerscore
Baby Steps Win a Very Easy game of City Escape 5
Walk In the Park Win an Easy game of City Escape 10
Survivor Win a Medium game of City Escape 10
Tough Guy Win a Hard game of City Escape 20
Dead Resistant Win a Very Hard game of City Escape 30
Dead Proof Win an Insane game of City Escape 40
HOW? Win an Impossible game of City Escape 40
DEADication Scrap 1000 dead 40
Eager To Leave Beat City Escape with 3 bases and 3 sets and extra dead in under 100 actions 40
German Efficiency Beat City Escape with 3 bases and 3 sets with no resources, vehicles, or survivors in the scrap. 50
Survive and Thrive Win an online game against at least 4 opponents. 30
Lone Survivor Win an online game where you’re the only player to survive. 50
Ruthless Win an online game having sacrificed 5 or more survivors. 40
Killer Win an online game having killed 5 or more survivors. 40
Comeback Kid Have your base overrun in an online game, but come back to win. 40
Dream Team Finnish an online game where both you and an adjacent player have 3 complete sets. 40
All Work Together All players survive in an 4 player online game with extra dead. 30
Last Second Save Survive a game by acting in the last round. 30
Car Dealer Complete a game with all 8 vehicles in your stockpile. 25
Old Timer Survive a total of 30 online games. 30
The Cat Came Back Have a survivor return from the scrap twice in one turn. 20
Loaded Bases Have all slots at your base filled by survivors and vehicles. 30
Drive By Won Very Easy Survival 5
Scavenger Won Easy Survival 10
Staying In Won Medium Survival 10
Stranger Danger Won Hard Survival 20
No Visitors Won Medium Survival 30
Long Haul Won Insane Survival 40
Siege Master Won Impossible Survival 40
Against All Odds Win Impossible War 40
Dead Sandwich Win Insane War 40
Sandwich Win Very Hard War 30
Team Up Win Hard War 20
Square Off Win Medium War 10
Tag Team Win Easy War 10
Gang Up Win Very Easy War 5