Death Stranding – Playstation 4 – Pre-Order!

So I was checking out Amazon and I just happen to find this! Remember awhile back I wrote an article about Death Stranding and how it was supposedly going to be coming out in 2018 but we never really heard anything else about it? Well. I just found a pre-order option for “2018”. If you are a Prime member you can save 20% right off the bat. I had been looking for the Pre-Order option for this game for awhile and just ended up giving up. Glad to see they finally added it to the website.

Death Stranding – Pre-Order It Here!!

A few questions people are asking about the game that are relevant and imperative to this blog:

Is It Going To Have Multiplayer?

As per Kojima, he stated that there would be multiplayer. However, he also said that it would be a different approach to the normal type of co-op games that we are used to. We will have to wait until more info is released, however, am looking forward to it.

Will It Be Available On PC?

Nope! This is a PlayStation 4 Exclusive Game guys. You lucky dogs!

Will This Be A PS4 Pro Enhanced Game?

It’s very likely it will be!

Who Is That Guy?

Haha. The dude. The man. The guy! That’s freaking Daryl from Walking Dead you guys! Otherwise known as Norman Reedus. I love him. Supposedly the game will also star Mads Mikkelsen. I realize he is a big-time actor, but I mainly know him from Hannibal which was a fantastic tv show, Rogue One, Clash of The Titans, etc.

Is The Date December 2017 Correct?

No. And yes. As a gamer who pre-orders a ton of games and consoles I know a secret that you should know and be aware of as well. More often than not you learn when a game has a release date of December 29th (of any year) it’s usually just a default placard that simply means it will be released the following year. In this case, sometime in 2018. These placard dates are placed to get people interested in the game and also pre-order, but of course, the date is not really available right then and there. This happens with other games as well – not just this one! So next time you see December 29th on a game you’ll know, its probably going to be released the next year!


In case you missed these or you have no idea what game this is:

PS4 – Death Stranding Trailer 4K (Hideo Kojima) TGA 2016

DEATH STRANDING Gameplay Trailer The Game Awards 2016

Death Stranding – (New Hideo Kojima Game) Staring Norman Reedus Gameplay Trailer [1080p 60FPS HD]