Destiny 1 To Not Receive Anymore Updates

Since the arrival of Destiny 2 will be coming soon, Bungie has said that they will no longer add any more updates to the first Destiny. Frankly, I’m okay with this! Focus all your attention on 2 so you can make sure its the best it can be! However, that doesn’t mean that Destiny 1 is all but forgotten. The game will still be supported and services will still be offered even after 2 comes out. Good thing too because I know a lot of people that are still going through Destiny 1. It would be a shame to just forget about their baby and move on to 2 entirely.

Bungie has been quoted in saying that once 2 comes out, the community can expect a new cycle of updates. Hopefully, the updates coincide with all of the feedback the community gave about 1 – and believe me there was a LOT of community feedback about the game.  One of the biggest complaints was the fact that there was way too much grinding in the first game, to where it got… stale.  And I have to agree.  I mean, some grinding is fun, especially if you are grinding for something like materials or money and you happen to get a new sword or a new cape.  But too much of it?  It gets boring and make you want to move on to something else, very quickly.

Another big complaint i always had and I know others have it as well, is with materials in the game.  In the beginning you could collect materials and trade them in to buy cool stuff or upgrade weapons or what have you.  You also had different ghosts that could do one of two things.

1- They could help you find more materials by pointing them out
2- You could make it so the ghost made more materials (usually 2x the amount) be procured when killing an enemy.

Then suddenly with a patch?  It all ended.  Gathering materials became dumb because essentially they couldn’t be used for very many things and what it could be used for they made it really hard to get materials because you could no longer use your ghost TO get more materials.  Still not really sure why they did that but, okay!

Destiny 2 comes out in September for PC, Xbox One and of course PlayStation 4. If you still have no pre-ordered Destiny 2, you can do so here

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Also, be sure to check out Bungie at E3 because they will be announcing, even more, details on Destiny 2 then!