Destiny 2 Achievements List

Assuming this list is actually real, which I think it is, these are the achievements for Destiny 2. A tad underwhelming if I do say so myself. The first game had so many more achievements for the base game (60 Destiny achievements (41 without DLC) worth 2,412). So yea, this little piddly list seems a little… odd to say the least.

Hopefully they will consider putting more out for the base game once its released.  Obviously they will add more once the DLC starts to come out, but that probably won’t be for awhile, and these measly 14 probably wont keep too many people busy for long.  Especially for those of you that are achievement hunters!

  • Traveler’s Chosen – Obtain all achievements in Destiny 2.
  • Long and Winding Road – Reach Level 20
  • Zavala’s Lieutenant – Acquire each Titan subclass.
  • Cayde’s Pathfinder – Acquire each Hunter subclass.
  • Ikora’s Protege – Acquire each Warlock subclass.
  • Show Me What You Got – Complete Shaxx’s Call to Arms.
  • In a Flash – Complete a Flashpoint.
  • The People’s Hero – Complete a Heroic public event.
  • Heart of Darkness – Complete a Nightfall strike.
  • The Life Exotic – Collect 15 exotic weapons or armor.
  • Challenge Accepted – Complete 30 challenges.
  • Belly of the Beast – Complete the Leviathan raid.
  • The Prestige – Complete the Leviathan raid or a Nightfall strike on Prestige difficulty.
  • Lest Ye Be Judged – Encounter an Emissary from beyond.

I have a feeling while some of these achievements for Destiny 2 are going to be very easy – Cayde, Ikora and Zavalas will just come to you as you progress, as will Long and Winding Road.  Others, such as complete and Nightfall strike, might be more difficult, as they were in Destiny 2 because you essentially NEED a squad to play a Nightfall strike and unless you are toting some really amazing weapons, you cannot do it by yourself.  I know I can’t.