Destiny 2 Iron Banner – Now Live!

The latest Destiny 2 Iron Banner is now live in the Crucible. The event, which was from the originally Destiny, is one that many people including myself, were really looking forward to!

In order to play in the Destiny 2 Iron Banner you will first need to choose the character you want to play with. Next, go to the Tower and find the Destiny 2 Iron Banner Icon. This is the blue icon. If you don’t see the blue icon, chances are you did not finish the main story first. You need to do that in order to gain access to the Destiny 2 Iron Banner, sorry guys! The campaign is really not too long, so you should be able to finish it up in a few hours to be honest.

Once you get to the blue icon, you will see Lord Saladin standing there in all his glory.

Once you open up THAT menu you will see that he wants you to accept 2 objectives.  The first one is to complete 3 challenges in the Destiny 2 Iron Banner.  The second one is that he wants you to collect 10 Iron Banner Packages in the first season.

You can also check out his engram rewards.  To be honest, for me, this is less about getting engrams that will level me higher (they are all lower than what I have) and more about getting the chance to earn legendary and exotics, as well as earn his gear – because like with the first Destiny, I love his gear.  It just looks SO cool.

Don’t mind my unfinished raid and nightfall.  I have yet to do it because my “team mate” is no where to be found.  Unfortunately.  I said this from day 1, I wish the Nightfall and Raids allowed match making.  It would make my life so much easier.  Oh well.  Guess Ill have to find some randoms to play and complete it with.

Anyway!  I look forward to playing in the Destiny 2 Iron Banner and who knows, maybe I’ll see you out there.

Good luck Guardian.