Destiny 2 For PC Players + Other News

When the first Destiny was announced and it was said that it would not be available to PC players, they were a little upset, and by a little, I mean a LOT. Thankfully, when Destiny 2 was announced a few months ago, they said that PC users would finally be able to play the game! The PC version has been sort of a mystery over the past few months though and nothing has been really said as to what to expect.

Recently David Shaw, who is the lead on Destiny 2 PC had said that they will not be having dedicated servers for PC players. They are, however, aware of lag issues related to Destiny and plan to come up with a creative way to keep lag at bay.

Honestly, for me, on Xbox One, I never had lag. I had glitches, sure. But, in terms of actual lag in the game, it was never a problem.

David Shaw said that PC players can expect a lot more information to be available at E3, so make sure if you are a PC player and you want to or have already pre-ordered Destiny 2, that you watch Bungie’s E3 show. While a lot of things are being kept under wraps, Shaw did say that everyone on PC should be able to play the game properly, and without lag, even if you don’t have a high-end system. This has to be reassuring for PC players that don’t have or cant afford some high-tech beast to run the game on! The whole point of the game is that “we want every player to have fun, no matter what type of system they are running”, said Shaw.

Shaw has also been noted in saying that since Destiny was not for PC originally, that they know they have to be legit on Destiny 2, right out of the running gates ie; they can’t screw up!!!

On Destiny 2, your gear won’t transfer over, which I am totally fine with, however, they have said that your appearance will transfer over. So if you are a console player and want to play on PC, and migrate over, this is something to think about. Also, if you played the first Destiny, and pre-order and buy the second Destiny, Shaw said that you will receive some sort of a special gift to show their appreciation for your dedication. They haven’t, however, said what this gift will be so I hope its something good and not some ridiculous skin for a gun or a charm!

Destiny 2 will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 8th. PC users release date has not been announced yet. In order to play in the Beta you have to pre-order the game, so make sure you do that at the links below.

Xbox One – Physical Standard Edition of Destiny 2
PC – Physical Standard Edition of Destiny 2
Playstation 4 – Physical Standard Edition of Destiny 2

Playstation 4 – Digital Deluxe Edition Destiny 2
Playstation 4 – Destiny 2 – Game + Expansion Pass Bundle

Chances are they won’t announce exactly when the beta will be until we see them at E3.