Destiny 2 On PC Will Only Be Available On Battle.NET

Personally, I don’t play on PC when it comes to games like this. I would much rather buy it (and do) for my Xbox One. But I can understand the fascination with PC games. Especially those that play them exclusively on PC. Recently Destiny 2 publishers have said that they will NOT be releasing the game on Steam. While many people are freaking out about this, is it really as bad as they are making it seem? Let’s dig into this a little more below.

Gifting Games

Steam used to allow for a lot of cool features; one of them being the ability to gift games. But, as of late, Valve has really been changing a lot of the site and one of the things it has changed is the gifting option. You also cannot email gifts anymore. Its become quite inefficient, to say the least.

Saving Games For Later

Another feature that was big on Steam was the ability to buy a game, save it in your inventory and then play it later. Well, you can no longer does this on Valve, they simply do not allow it anymore.

Licensing Restrictions For Cross Region Gifting

They also used to let you gift a game to another region, but because of licensing restrictions, they are no longer allowing this either.

Battle.Net Benefits Over Steam

Gifting Items and Games

Battle.Net not only allows you to gift games. No, they also allow you to gift items such as pets, game time, money, etc. In fact, they even have an option where you can purchase Destiny 2 On PC with WOW in-game money. Pretty neat. is also easier to use, its more user-friendly and lets be honest, Blizzard is light years ahead of Valve. Over the past few years Steam has tried to make their customer service options better but it still sometimes takes a week or more to get answered. I had a simple question pertaining something I wanted to buy for someone around Christmas time, I couldn’t find the answer in forums, on the Steam website or anywhere else.

I am still waiting for a reply ha.

Perhaps I just got lost in the shuffle, but still, customer support is a BIG factor when it comes to a BIG business like Valve., on the other hand, answered me in less than 2 days time. That not only means that is helpful when it comes to questions and support, but they are also going to be there for you quickly and efficiently when you get locked out of your account, have a problem with buying a game, you forget your password or a whole slew of other issues. I know that Steam has somewhere around 125 million active users and has about only a fraction, but I think this specific statistic deals not with who is better, but its about staying in your comfortable little circle and not wanting to move elsewhere – even if the other site is better. People get stuck in their comfort zones and even if someone else is doing it better they almost feel a responsibility to stick with the company that they have been with for years. But really, you are putting yourself out.  And if you REALLY want Destiny 2 On PC you will honestly just suck it up and make the move guys.

Regular Game Discounts

One of the reason, I think, that Steam has so many members that are active is because of the discount games they constantly have on the site. Some people will call these people fanboys, but I find that a little insulting, so I will use the word fans. does offer discount games and sales (newsletter much?!) but not anywhere as much as Steam. One has to wonder though, is Steam doing that to make their members happy or is it a ploy to keep them on the site? I guess we will never really know.

For those of you that play on Steam and want Destiny 2 On PC and are planning on boycotting because its going to be on; you are essentially setting the gaming revolution on PC back a few years. As you know, companies count sales. And when they count sales on certain consoles or even on PC and they do not see the intended income stream coming from that device, they will choose to not make any more games for that specific device. Not only series games, but actual developers and publishers will back away from making games for PC players. Why make a game for PC when all you are going to do is lose out on money? Well. They wouldn’t. Easy simple answer.

I think its time for Steam players to stop and think.  What about 10 years ago.  Did they have as many games 10 years ago as they did today?  Hell no.  What about 5 years ago did they have as many games on PC as today?  Doubtful.  You are essentially hurting the PC gaming industry by boycotting.