Destiny 2 – Pre-Review and Pre-Order Information

Destiny was one of the titles that managed to create a large cult following. To this day you can still find thousands of people playing the first Destiny; from wondering around the planets to multiplayer and raids. It definitely managed to impress a lot of people and the expansions brought in front some really cool stuff. But it seems that we will finally have Destiny 2, and this one also comes on the PC too, which is amazing! I first purchased Destiny 1, as soon as they allowed pre-orders for the game. So its only obvious that I also did the same thing for Destiny 2.

The expansions for Destiny 2 are codenamed Osiris and Rasputin, so you can imagine a bunch of DLC is coming for the game too. Nothing is known about the story, but we can expect a few characters from the first one (yea Nathan Fillion!!!) and a continuation of what happened in the first entry!  Destiny 2 now is taking pre-orders on the following systems:

Xbox One – Physical Standard Edition of Destiny 2
PC – Physical Standard Edition of Destiny 2
Playstation 4 – Physical Standard Edition of Destiny 2

Playstation 4 – Digital Deluxe Edition Destiny 2
Playstation 4 – Destiny 2 – Game + Expansion Pass Bundle

We can expect Destiny 2 to expand on the original formula of the first game. There’s a reason why that will work great, because the original had tons of success, so you can imagine Activision wants to cash in on that. They have a very good, solid foundation to build on, and the reality is that the combat is very satisfying and the gun play is among one of the very best out there. It certainly shines and you get a very interesting perspective on everything, that’s for sure.

You can also expect to have more mechanics, weapons, and abilities. They didn’t hold back at all when it came to adding more content and cool stuff in the first one, so the experience will be a very good one this time a well.

As most of us know, Destiny didn’t really shine when it comes to the single player component. It was OK but very short and repetitive. In fact, it was so repetitive that the single player, even though it is fun, can get pretty boring – especially when you are a light level 400 and already have everything you could or would ever need! It could have been better, but in the end, this shows the extent of how much work they have to put into this one. I think that they have learned from their mistakes and hopefully, those mistakes will NOT be carried over to Destiny 2!

All fans are expecting a cohesive, compelling and fun story that will make them play for hours and hours. Bungie has the opportunity to hit it big with this game. Obviously, they can easily fail in all of that, but if the first game is any indication, things can only get better and better.

We also expect a better hub area. Hopefully, this will end up happening sooner rather than later, but you can expect plenty of nice changes to the hub area. A bit more social features that are dynamic, some vendor options and so on may be things that will actually interest you a lot in this sequel.

The gameplay could be more varied because having lots of enemies and a bullet sponge boss is not exactly what you would call tons of fun for hours and hours. Repetition was a problem in Destiny, so hopefully, Destiny 2 can solve all those issues. It’s obviously something quite hard to tackle, but they can certainly do it with Destiny 2, that’s for sure. One of the biggest things they have to do is take into account all of the feedback from fans concerning Destiny 1 in order to create a better game in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 does have a lot going on and the fact that this is the first time you can play the series on PC is also quite interesting. Hopefully, they will be able to expand on the original and create a wonderful world. Only time will tell! If you want to pre-order the game, now is the time! A lot of the stores that are offering pre-orders have already run out of editions. I actually wanted the $99 that came with the game and both expansions so that is the one I pre-ordered.  Remember in order to play the Beta you have to pre-order the game!