Destiny 2 Rally Event Ends – Winner Chosen

Last time on Destiny 2, the faction that won was Dead Orbit. Because of that and the fact that everyone loves DO I chose it the second time around – even though I wanted to pick New Monarchy.

Should have went with my gut because New Monarchy won! Because New Monarchy won, the entire Tower is covered from head to toe with New Monarchy colors.

This is considered Victory Week, and because of that you will have another week to turn in any of your tokens you have earned. Keep in mind though, if you’ve done a lot of grinding for the Faction Rally and have already gotten 30 packages, the next packages will only be shaders.

New Monarchy offers the Honors Edge as the reward if you chose this faction. You will be able to get this for 1000 glimmer if you decided to go with new Monarchy in Destiny 2, otherwise, you have to pay a whopping 50,000 glimmer.

No matter, I pretty much always have 99,000+ glimmer because there’s nothing you can really do with all that money!

Faction Rally will return again in the future although we don’t yet know when. The next major release for the game is the Curse of Osiris DLC, which releases on December 5 and I cannot wait! It will introduce a variety of new content and increase Destiny 2’s level cap.

Additionally, its launch will coincide with that of an update introducing PS4 Pro and Xbox One X enhancements to Destiny 2.