More Details On Assassin’s Creed Origins DLC!

I know a lot of you are still super-into and playing Assassin’s Creed Origins because that post I put out yesterday for the patch got 52 hits in under 3 hours! So chances are you are one of the many people that also want to know about the new DLC for Assassin’s Creed Origins coming out called The Hidden Ones.

The Hidden Ones

The hidden ones won’t just add new quests, items, and events – but its supposed to also add on a few extra hours of the story as well, which is of course connected to the main story.

The Hidden Ones for Assassin’s Creed Origins will be released for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on January 23rd! That’s right guys and girls you finally have a solid date to look forward to.

In The Hidden Ones, the entire point to the DLC is to tell you more about how the Brotherhood started. According to Ubisoft, The Hidden Ones will take place FOUR years before the main events in the game. You will be clashing against the Roman Empire.

The level cap for The Hidden Ones is also being raised to 45, intro’s some new weapons, items, armor, a brand new outfit, 2 new mounts and more.

If you purchased one of the more expensive editions of Assassin’s Creed Origins you are guaranteed to have the Season Pass and will get the DLC for no extra charge.

On the other hand, you can purchase the Season Pass OR purchase this DLC for $10.

To be honest, I would suggest going with the season pass because you guys have a lot of DLCs coming to you and this is just the first of many.

In fact, if you want to read a sort of outline of the DLCs coming you can check out this post on Gamers Elite:

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The Curse Of The Pharaohs

Another DLC which will be coming soon – March 6th, is called the Curse Of The Pharaohs and Ubi said a little bit about this DLC as well. According to them, the Curse will be different than The Hidden Ones in that the story is completely separate.

This DLC will pit players against famous pharaohs and Egyptian beasts and tasks you with investigating the cause of a curse that has brought the dead back to life. The expansion will come with new outfits, gear, and weapons, all themed around classic Egyptian mythology and will raise the level cap to 55.

Again, if you don’t have the Season Pass, this DLC will cost you $20. GET the season pass!!!

New Mode Available

If you’ve been reading Gamers Elite for a while now, this is something I wrote about before the game was even out. But, Discovery Tour will be available very soon!

The Discovery Tour is not about fighting. It’s about discovery and education.

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