Double XP In COD Rant + New Bounties On COD IW

As everyone is aware, I love COD.  More importantly (right now), I love COD IW.  We just had a nice few days of double XP and double weapons XP and still to do this day, I do not understand how their double XP works.  I can assure you that it does NOT work the same as the other CODS.  For example, Black Ops 3 would have a double XP 3 day weekend and I would in turn prestige 2, 3, sometimes 4 times.  Same with Black Ops original, Black ops 2, Advanced Warfare, etc.  When it was time for double XP weekend, I knew right off the bat that I would prestige 2-4 times.

Here, we have almost an entire week of COD IW double XP and I prestiged… ONE TIME!  How is that even possible?  To top it off, I had double XP tokens so I should have been getting 4 times the XP, right?  Nope.  In fact, if I got “double xp” in the game and my total XP was 32,000 you would think that by me adding a coin, I would get 64,000 xp right?  Nope!  Instead, it gives you considerably less.  This is not to say I am not grateful for that extra boost or that I did not get a ton of XP (because I did!), I just wish I would have gotten the XP I thought I was going to get and in turn level up a few more times.

This is something that has always bothered me about COD IW.  If you say you’re going to have double XP, HAVE double XP!  Don’t try to cheat us.

Does anyone have a legit theory behind how their XP works?

Also, its a new week of bounties!  I actually had some very easy ones on COD IW this time around.  Thank god I didn’t get any “Get 1000 kills with the ax” or “shoot 15 spaceships” this time around.  Everyone always has different ones when the bounties come around.  This week mine were:

Get 200 kills with the Gold Club in Rave In The Redwoods – super duper easy!
Get 1000 kills with SMGs – Again super easy!

Get 25 kills with Merc’s, Stryker’s or Warfighter’s payload – easy!
Win 5 Games – this was difficult because I am almost always on the losing team!

For the 2nd zombies bounty I really simply just got enough money to buy the HVR, Karma and the RPR.  Then I pack a punched all 3.  First time around I got somewhere around 811 kills with SMGs.  SO close!

Don’t mind my crappy fate and fortune cards – I always put the piddly ones on I don’t care about when I am doing a simple bounty like this! The second time around, well, that was easy and quick!  You can also, obviously, use the ERAD, but I honestly don’t like using the ERAD in zombies unless I have to.  First off, its not very strong.  Second off, it only has 20 bullets in a clip, without extra mags.  Its simply a waste of money.

You would be better off rounding up through the arcade, past the NV4, through the doors and getting the karma.  Or heading up the other way and getting the HVR or heading up through the middle, through the gates, up the path to the RPR.  Either way, the ERAD will never be my CHOICE in guns for Zombies.