Dragon Ball FighterZ Review Roundup!

Another game that is coming out today is Dragon Ball FighterZ. I know a LOT of you have been waiting for today because you really want to play the game. Then there are others who either have never played or read anything revolving around Dragon Ball and simply wanted to wait for the reviews.

Well, I have the reviews for you below.

As per always these are critic reviews. User reviews come later on once people have had time to play the game. Critic reviews are easier to scrounge up because review sites like IGN and US Gamer usually get the game for free months or weeks before the game is released. So they have time to play it and in turn, give reviews earlier on than users can.

Scrolling down the large list of reviews for Dragon Ball FighterZ I will say that so far no one rated it below 80 out of 100. However, sites like Game Informer, Destructoid, GameSpot, and Polygon ALL are still playing the game and have not rated Dragon Ball FighterZ yet. Once those become available, I’ll add them to the list below.

In the meantime

Dragon Ball FighterZ
CG Mag Online – Cole Watson – 95 out of 100

“Dragon Ball FighterZ is the perfect marriage of source material enriched gameplay and original presentation. Ark System Works has created a fantastic experience that a wide audience of players and passionate fans are sure to enjoy.”

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Shack News – Blake Morse – 90 out of 100

“This is truly the best Dragon Ball fighter I’ve played since the Super Famicom imports. It’s pure fighting bliss that makes you feel as OP as the characters on the show by adding so much style and flare. Longtime fans and newer fans who may just be familiar with Dragon Ball Super will find something to enjoy here if they’re fans of fighters.”

Dragon Ball FighterZ
True Gaming Net – Omar Al Amoudi – 90 out of 100

“Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the best Fighting games that holds an Anime License. The package brings us great visuals, fun gameplay and a rich content making it one of the most memorable experiences in this genre.”

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Critical Hit – 90 out of 100

“The definitive Dragon Ball fighting game, bar none. Arc System Works has created a game which walks across many a fine line, blending style with substance and accessibility with reverence for the source material. It’s wild, it rocks my dragon and it sets a benchmark for the series that proudly enters the domain of fight game gods.”

Dragon Ball FighterZ
God Is A Geek – Adam Cook – 90 out of 100

“An exquisite feeling fighter that is both approachable and deep. Time will tell if it has staying power, but it’s the best use of the Dragon Ball Z name in quite some time.”

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Trusted Reviews – Andi Hamilton – 90 out of 100

“For Arc System Works, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a chance at real mainstream success. The Guilty Gear games are universally excellent and have a dedicated fanbase, but their hardcore nature meant they always lost to the Street Fighters and Tekkens of the world when it came to sales. The Dragon Ball license could be what gets the masses interested in the studio’s particular brand of air-dashing, spectacular combat.”

Dragon Ball FighterZ
IGN – Michael Saltzman – 85 out of 100

“Between the accessible auto combos, homing attacks, and simplified command inputs, Dragon Ball FighterZ is an inviting gateway into the world of fighting games for newcomers — whether you’re a Dragon Ball fan or not. Those easy controls can open the door to some spammy behavior, but just as often it’s satisfying in a way that does right by the Dragon Ball name. Dragon Ball FighterZ has enough depth and complexity to glow as brilliantly as a Super Saiyan.”

As you can see from the reviews above, people are really loving this game! I am definitely looking forward to seeing what you, the gamers, think of Dragon Ball FighterZ!

If you decided not to do a pre-order, you can still purchase it below.

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