Far Cry 5 Confirmed

Just a few days ago Ubi announced that they will indeed be releasing a new Far Cry; Far Cry 5. The series has become incredibly popular to gamers as well as fans of anything that Ubi puts out. (I love Ubisoft!) Don’t get too excited just yet though. This game will most likely NOT be coming out this year, most likely it will be next year. They were quoted in saying that it would be out before the current Fiscal Year ended which ends on March 2018 so it could be anywhere between now and then.

As of right now pretty much everything else is a mystery; there is no location information, time period information, or a release date (obviously!). They were also quoted as saying we would find out about the game “very soon.” I honestly hope that means they will introduce it at E3 but only time will tell!

The Editorial VP Tommy Francois has said that they like to essentially release their Alpha Testing stages at least ONE year before release. So since its already May and they are just doing production now, chances are we will not be seeing an open Beta for the game or the release of the game itself until March 2018 at least. Even that is cutting it close.

Far Cry Primal

If you remember, in 2016, Far Cry Primal came out and it was set in prehistoric times. For Far Cry 5 there is a rumor going around that it will be a Western themed game. I honestly could see them doing this just because Red Dead 2 is coming out soon and maybe they want to compete with that title. Or perhaps Ubi saw how much people liked that whole Western theme because of Red Dead and want to get in on the action. Sure its years later (RDR was released in 2010), but it could still be a possibility.

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